Hong Kong 2012: When Your Fandom Gives You a Sudden Plot Twist

Hong Kong

First time to travel overseas and it’s nerve-wracking, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it because it’s a new experience with my friends. Ever since Hey! Say! JUMP announced their ASIA TOUR last January, I’ve decided to cancel my Singapore plans and go to their concert in Hong Kong instead. The ticket sales opened last April 10 via HKTicketing and I’d like to thank Sachi (and Ate Ai) for the good seats! For the accommodation, we searched the Internet and ended up getting a hostel in Chungking Mansion at Tsim Sha Tsui. 

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The Best Purikura Photo Booth in Metro Manila?

Even though I live far from Makati, there’s always a reason for me to go there. That is Timezone Glorietta 4’s purikura booth.

What is purikura? Purikura, short for purinto kurabu or print club, is a Japanese photo sticker booth. It takes digital pictures and allows you to decorate them with stickers, stamps, borders, and/or text. Purikura features differ depending on the machine, but the basic and most common are making your skin look lighter and your eyes bigger similar to dolls. 

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