F.A.Q. / Disclaimer


Why MonochroCat?

People in Japan spell monochrome as “monochro” (モノクロ), so I went along with it instead of using monochromatic. I kinda regretted it, though, since monochromaticat seemed like a better choice lol. You see, I’m bad at coming up with usernames! ww

Are you MonochroCat elsewhere?

My blog is the only MonochroCat. My mistake was I searched for this particular name on Google after I got the domain. PSA: I’m in no way related with the Japanese artist on Tumblr who goes by the same username. The same goes with Twitter accounts that share variations of this name. すみませんでした。m(__)m

What will happen to your previous blog?

I’ll let it stay live for a few months (or a year), but I’ll soon direct everything here.

Are you open for collaborations?

Let’s talk in private! If you have questions, suggestions, or even a violent reaction (oh no), feel free to drop a message on my Contact page or send an e-mail directly to hello@monochrocat.com.


All content in this blog is © to MonochroCat (formerly MNL to 東京 ♡). Please don’t take and claim them as your own. Linking back to this blog is preferable. Thank you! As for the credits (of content I don’t own), I always put them in captions and hyperlinks. (「`・ω・)「

Opinions are all mine. I don’t receive anything from the products, services, and events I write (unless otherwise stated). I like them, so I blog about them. End of story.