Life Lately: January 2018

Fatfook SM North

Happy New Year! January passed by so fast, I sort of panicked lol. I have many things to write for this month, but I tried to minimize them and shared only the ones I think are important—like me moving to a new place, playing new games, watching ONE OK ROCK’s concert, attending rehearsals again, etc.

A Note to Myself (2018 ver.)

“My goal in life right now is to be genuinely happy.”

Remember when I mentioned that I was looking for a quote I want to follow for this year? I finally found one. It’s—once again—connected with happiness. I’m a big pessimist, so I need something like this to make sure I don’t dig a deeper grave for myself. Let’s go, 2018!

How I Spent My New Year

I did nothing new when the year started lol. I just rewatched the DMM stream of Touken Ranbu Shinkenranbu Sai 2017 and tbh, I still can’t get over the fact that Sakamoto Shougo (the first Ciel Phantomhive of Kuroshitsuji Musical) is finally coming back on stage. He replaced one of my favorite actors in the musical, though. But that’s not bad at all.

Speaking of Kuroshitsuji, one of the stage actors I’m following—the gorgeous Sasaki Yoshihide—recently celebrated his 100th show in the musical (and even received a drawing of himself by Yana Toboso-sensei). I wanted to watch this arc in Japan, but I was moving out so my funds went to the advance and deposit payments of our condo. </3

I also watched the DVD of Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE LIVE 6th STAGE and the DMM stream of ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka’s stage play. I totally want those giant inflatable pizzas.

Meet up with Jessica

Jessica, one of Seishun Kakumei’s first generation members who’s now working in Japan, went back here for a vacation. Her only free time, however, was the day of her flight. We met at St. Marc Cafe in Greenbelt for a few hours, and it was like a reunion with other friends as well. We miss her so much. Thanks to Banana for the polaroids. ♡

Polaroid with Jessica Polaroid with Jessica (all)

Karaoke with SK

Hades invited us again to spend the weekend at his place. We were few this time, but we finally made Donna sing! Sorry for those who weren’t able to come. HEHEHE. Most of the songs we sang were from Cardcaptor Sakura, 9nine, and old Hello! Project era. Oh yeah, I had a duet with Ririn too and we sang Tegomass’ hit songs like Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~ and Kimi + Boku = LOVE.

DAM Karaoke 9nine Shining StarSore wa Bokutachi no Kiseki karaoke Polaroid with SK

Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Arc

All right. This needs a special mention in my post. I can’t say I’m a really big fan of CCS, but it had a big part in my childhood. For us to have an anime after more than a decade (with the same voice actors!) is a blessing.

©CLAMP // Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Screenshot Episode 1

While everybody’s talking about Sakura’s smartphone upgrade, I had a different thought in mind: “Did Tomoyo upgrade from using a camcorder that records videos on 8mm videotape cassettes to a camcorder that records videos at 1080p resolution on SD cards?” 

Moved to a New Place

Given the unreliability of our public transportation system, I decided to finally rent a place that’s near my work. The rental fee is high, but it’s a compromise I took to lessen the stress from my environment.

So far, the changes in my lifestyle were:

  • Having an average sleeping time of 7hrs (instead of 4hrs)
  • Having the leisure to wake up late (because I used to wake up at 3:30 A.M.)
  • Having the time to eat breakfast (because I used to eat breakfast only when I arrive at work)
  • Having the time to pack food so I don’t always eat out (YES TO BAON HAHA)

It didn’t take me a while to adjust. In fact, I’m loving every second of it… Well, except for the bills lol.

Pioneer Boni

I finished moving in earlier than expected, so I got bored. The good thing is Hades lives nearby lol. He asked me to join them eat dessert at Vampire Penguin in Ayala The 30th. It was good, but I wasn’t able to finish it because I still have a cough. OTL

Vampire Penguin's Strawberry Cheesecake at The 30th Ayala

New Games to Play

For months, I didn’t have a single game in my phone. Now, I have two: Uta no Prince-sama Shining Live (a rhythm game) and Onmyoji (an RPG game).

Onmyoji courtyard Onmyoji Summon x10

I downloaded Onmyoji right after it was announced that there’s now an English version. I was curious about it because some of my favorite cosplayers were cosplaying Kagura and Tengu. Also, there’s an upcoming musical with Sasaki Yoshihide (along with Rachi Shinji, Miura Hiroki, Kimisawa Yuki, Asuma Kousuke, Yata Yusuke, etc.) as part of the cast. Most importantly, I’m so hooked with this game because the audio is Japanese and I know a number of its seiyuu cast.

Uta no Prince-sama Shining Live rhythm game Uta no Prince-sama Shining Live rhythm game

As for Utapri… Well, I’m not into rhythm games, but I still gave it a shot. I remember failing Love Live School Idol Festival, but I told myself that I might be more motivated this time because I like Utapri’s songs in general lol.

Meeting with SK

I met up with Kang, Sachi, Donna, and Satsunyan to discuss Seishun Kakumei’s plan for this year. Carla joined us so she can take our measurements for our new costume, too. Well, we didn’t end up rehearsing. Instead, we ate… a lot. The photo below wasn’t the complete set of our orders yet lol. It’s a feast we didn’t deserve, but chose anyway.

Fatfook SM North

ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila

Finally!!! ONE OK ROCK is back here in Manila. I enjoyed their concert last time, so I made sure that I’ll be able to watch again if ever they come back. We got a seat at the center of the upper box and it was still worth it even if we were far from the stage.

ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila 2018 (3) ONE OK ROCK Live in Manila 2018 (3)

All in all, it was a fun-filled January. I guess I’m starting the year right, right? Haha. We’ll see in the following months.

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  1. Hi Ciara! Blogged hopping 🙂 Btw— do you want to link exchange? 🙂

    My january was pretty well too and we’ve got some same activities there, i can see 😀

    i’m playing onmyoji as well! God this game is addicting. Yass!!
    And ive been to One Ok Rock Con as well! YAYYY!! HAHAHAH! I was in upperbox 421! LOL!

    and ahem, I can see rissa-chan on your pics. So you’re with here during the con! I see 🙂 heehee~

    1. Hello there! Sure. I’m fine with that, but as you can see, I haven’t put up my links list page yet because I keep on forgetting OTL. I’ll do when I finish all my backlogs I find the time to do it. Probably soon. I’ll let you know. (^^)

      YESSSSS. Onmyoji is surprisingly addicting! I haven’t played a turn-based MMO RPG in a while. ;;

      I was in UpperBox 422. That’s so near! We might’ve bumped into each other…
      Y-yeah. Is she your friend, too!? What a small world. I was with her during the previous OOR concert, too.

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