Japan 2017 (Day 2): Shibuya’s 2.5D Cafe in Harajuku + Meiji Shrine + NHK Hall

Meiji Temple

Day 2 of our Japan, and with proper sleep! It was tiring yesterday, so we decided to only have three items in our itinerary and stayed in one area—Shibuya. We had our lunch at Touken Ranbu x 2.5D Cafe in Harajuku, roamed around Omotesando, visited Meiji Shrine, and watched Shimono Hiro’s birthday live at NHK Hall. On our way home, we got sidetracked at a store and our budget is thanking us for not buying anything (although I’m so tempted!).

Lunch at Touken Ranbu x 2.5D Cafe + Harajuku

Touken Ranbu is a popular game franchise, so it’s no surprise that it expanded to anime, stage, and now its own limited-time cafe dedicated to its stage plays and musicals! Luckily, it coincides with our trip, so we decided to book a schedule through eplus.jp. You can find out more about this cafe in my review.

Visiting Meiji Shrine

We walked around Harajuku for a bit. We visited the station and watched some street performers. There was this trio singing in ballad and a cute little girl who’s good at playing the guitar! We saw cute JKs (joshi kousei or high schoolers) in onesies on our way to Meiji Shrine, too.

Unfortunately, some areas in the shrine are blocked and under construction (probably because they’re renovating in preparation for 2020 Olympics?).

Meiji Temple

I saw an ema (a small wooden plaque) with a Sailormoon illustration and it totally caught my eye. I wish this person’s dream will come true in the future!

Meiji Temple Meiji Temple

Shimono Hiro’s Bday Event at NHK Hall

After all that walk under the sun, we took a break while waiting for the gates to open at NHK Hall. About eight years ago, I promised myself that I’ll watch Shounen Club (a show featuring Johnny’s Jr artists that airs, of course, at NHK) someday. Fast forward to today, I haven’t been following any Johnny’s group, but to think that I’ll still be able to watch a show at NHK Hall is… surreal? I guess.

Shimono Hiro bday event at NHK Hall

I took photos of the flowers that were sent to him. Some of them are from his collaborations, like Cinammonroll, while others are from artist friends and seiyuu magazines like Pick-up Voice and Seiyuu Animedia.

Shimono Hiro bday event at NHK Hall Shimono Hiro bday event at NHK Hall Shimono Hiro bday event at NHK Hall Shimono Hiro bday event at NHK Hall

For the record, Shimono Hiro is the first seiyuu I’ve seen live (if we don’t count Satake Uki who does voice acting jobs on the side). He doesn’t have many songs, so I enjoyed the variety of the corners that took place during the event.

If you’re a fan, you’ll enjoy the trivia corner that features his previous interviews. He needs to still answer the same thing and there’s a punishment every time he makes a mistake. One of his rewards were the appearance of a Cinnamonroll mascot and a Nintendo Switch! He also got a karaage (bite-sized deep fried chicken) tower instead of a birthday cake lol.

Sidetracked on the Way Home

On our way home, we saw an Uta no Prince-sama display. It turns out that there’s a pop-up store on a specific floor of this building. There were life-size tapestries of the characters and a crown, which you can borrow as props. I took photos, of course, but they’re too embarrassing to share.

Shibuya Broccoli Girls Shop Shibuya Broccoli Girls Shop

I also saw Aoi Shouta… Well, a signed poster at least. (I promise I’ll see you in person, too. Someday.)

I’m not that much of a Tsukiuta. fan, but I really liked Shun. Yes, my weakness is white/silver-haired characters.

There was a Love Live! Sunshine bus, too. There’s a seat in the driver’s area, but it was difficult to take a good shot because of the lighting. OTL

Shibuya Love Live Sunshine

It was already late, so we weren’t able to go inside this One Piece store. Too bad. There were lots of displays, though, so we settled with that. ww

Shibuya One Piece Store

From the store, we walked towards the Scramble. It looks awesome even at night. Also, we stopped and waited for the people putting up the ad for Haikyuu!!’s live viewing at the station lol.

Shibuya Shibuya Station Haikyuu poster

All in all, this day at Shibuya was awesome. I wish we had more time to roam around leisurely without worrying about schedules, though. I’ll definitely be back again.

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