Japan 2017 (Day 1): Arrival + Asakusa’s Senso-ji + Akihabara + Marunouchi Picadilly, Ginza

Asakusa Sensoji Temple

Before the year ends, I’d like to get started on my overdue Japan posts. When I came back to the PH, I blogged the important ones and thought I shouldn’t write about my trip in detail anymore. When I browsed through my photos, however, I realized that there’s still a lot to say during my 10-day trip… so here it goes lol.

For our first day, we were kinda groggy because we got an early morning flight. Not to mention that we went straight to our destinations instead of resting at our accommodation upon arrival. We went to Asakusa to visit Senso-ji, Akihabara for the Yuri!!! on ICE x Adores Cafe collaboration, and Marunouchi Picadilly at Ginza for the live viewing of Yuri!!! on Stage.

First Stop: Asakusa!

As mentioned, we went straight to Asakusa. It’s one of the places in our itinerary that we weren’t able to visit last year. We left our luggage in a coin locker and roamed around for food and some sightseeing at Senso-ji.

Asakusa Asakusa Sensoji Temple Asakusa Sensoji Temple

My first time drawing an omikuji! We kinda struggled with this one because we didn’t know how to get a stick out. So embarrassing! What we did wrong was we were trying to get it out sideways instead of tilting the container upside down. Thanks to that dad with a cutiepie daughter who helped us. (><)

Asakusa Sensoji Temple Asakusa Sensoji Temple

Anyway, after drawing a stick, you should find its corresponding number from these drawers. If you get a good fortune (I did!), you can keep it. If it’s a bad fortune, on the other hand, you should tie it up. I’ve heard from friends that it’s not good to show the result of your omikuji to others, but I’m not sure if that’s true.

Asakusa Sensoji Temple Asakusa Sensoji Temple Asakusa Sensoji Temple Asakusa Sensoji Temple

Asakusa is such a lively place. If it weren’t the Golden Week, I could spend at least half a day roaming around its streets. I’ll probably ride a jinrikisha (rickshaw) if my budget permits, too!

Asakusa Sensoji Temple Asakusa Sensoji Temple Asakusa Sensoji Temple

We tried looking for Asakusa Kyugeki, but since I didn’t know the name of the theater at that time, we gave up after 30 minutes. It’s a new theater with a 95-seating capacity, and I think it’s owned by LesPros Entertainment.

Adores Cafe x Yuri!!! on Ice at Akihabara

From Asakusa, we went to Akihabara for another meal. To be honest, I’m just a casual fan of Yuri!!! on ICE because what got me into this anime was the seiyuus. It was still on hype when we visited, so it’s a waste if we didn’t take that chance lol. I’ve already made a post dedicated to this cafe visit, so I won’t go into detail anymore.

Yuri!!! on ICE Anime Plaza Collaboration Cafe Yuri!!! on ICE Anime Plaza Collaboration Cafe Yuri!!! on ICE Anime Plaza Collaboration Cafe Yuri!!! on ICE Anime Plaza Collaboration Cafe

After eating, we had more time to relax so we decided to walk leisurely along the streets of Akihabara. We printed half of our event tickets at 7-eleven and saw an Animate with a Touken Ranbu Musical display! I was also able to use the makeup I bought at Asakusa.

A Night at Ginza’s Marunouchi Picadilly

We got to Ginza early, so we roamed around a bit, particularly at the Sanrio shop. This place is such a haven for all things cute. I wish I had an extra budget to at least buy myself a small Gudetama plushie. </3

Sanrio Land Ginza Sanrio Land Ginza Sanrio Land Ginza

If there’s one thing I regret about this trip, it is not bringing more fashionable clothes. We were so out of place at Ginza, so it was obvious that we’re not Japanese lol. Anyway, we went up to Marunouchi Picadilly to watch Yuri!!! on Stage’s live viewing. We weren’t able to win tickets for the event itself, so we settled on this one.

I wouldn’t go into detail about this event since it’s available on DVD and you could probably stumble into a subbed clip or full video on YouTube. If there’s one thing I kept on repeating to myself, that is: Ono Kensho is the real MVP.

A warning about the venue, though. If you’re going to watch a movie or a live viewing and all the theaters end at the same time, you might want to rush to the elevator. There are no stairs going down the ground floor, which means that you might end up stranded for an hour or until the crowd lessens. Trust me.

After all that struggle to get out of Ginza, we arrived at our accommodation past midnight. We weren’t able to catch a bus, so we had to ride a taxi. It’s expensive for a five- to eight-minute ride, but you know, I’m so beat I just want to sleep.

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