Life Lately: December 2017

Christmas lights at Ayala Triangle

It’s finally the last of the ber months and things are getting busier. There’s traffic everywhere and I had to attend parties and get-togethers. Well, the month wasn’t that bad except for that unexpected news.

Took the JLPT Test

I took the JLPT test to know how much I learned in a year and a half. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to study for it. When I was taking the vocabulary test, I totally drowned in self-hate for not memorizing more kanji. The listening test was confusing, but I think I did all right… Keyword: “I think.” LOL.

JLPT cat

Before the test started, a cat sneaked into our classroom. She was so sweet; she kept on rubbing her head on my hands. When she walked away for a while, she went back to me immediately when I called her. (><)

Christmas Lights at Ayala

For a record of six years, we’re here again to view the Christmas lights at Ayala Triangle! Well, more of like it’s mine and Billy’s sixth, Jean’s second, and Yzzy’s first (our new recruit). Even if we don’t work for the same company anymore, we still get together as if it were a tradition.

Christmas lights at Ayala Triangle Christmas lights at Ayala Triangle

It was a truly busy Saturday for me. I was planning to drop by at Toycon (in Megamall), but I ended up being stuck in traffic at Fairview for almost two hours so I went straight to Makati instead. We had a rehearsal for our Christmas party performance, then I met up with the people above for some chat and, of course, the lights.

Seattle's Best Sausage, Potato, and Cheese Breakfast Skillet

It was my first time ordering Seattle’s Best’s Sausage, Potato, and Cheese Breakfast Skillet. Not a good choice if you want a heavy meal, but it’s enough to fill your stomach.

Christmas Party at Work

After viewing the lights, I went back to our party’s venue. While everybody’s all dressed up, I went there wearing casual clothing (see above). I was truly out of place, but meh. I didn’t plan to stay long anyway. In fact, I went home after our performance because I don’t want to be stuck in traffic.

I got the photo below from our official photographer that night. Surprisingly, we won and I didn’t know lol.


Our venue was beautiful. I had great shots of Kyle, our department’s youngest, but he doesn’t want me to share it.

As for our department’s exchange gift, I got new wireless earphones! I asked for skincare products (like CosRX) and makeup (Canmake) in my wishlist, but since it wasn’t a girl who got my name in the draw lots, I kinda expected that they won’t give me those.

Still, this is a good present. I can now practice dancing without worrying about blasting noise or getting caught up in the wire. I’ll probably write a review about it soon. (Guess who’s my wallpaper. www)

new wireless earphones

Christmas at Home

Now that I think about it, our Christmas at home wasn’t that festive. Dad is finally back to the PH, but he’s at the province for my grandfather’s 94th birthday. Sadly, he passed away on Christmas Eve. I couldn’t even greet anybody a “Merry” Christmas when everybody’s grieving. Rest in peace, lolo. 🙁

My Favorites’ Birthday

Excuse me and let me fangirl for a moment, but meeting this guy (Terashima Takuma) has been one of the best moments of my 2017. Imagine me, getting more into the voice actor fandom and… I finally saw him on stage. So surreal. (Fact: I have both versions of this single.)

hiroro hiroro hiroro

My best girl, Murata Hirona (Hiroro), is also a December celebrant! I’ve been following 9nine even before she joined the group, and she became my oshi eventually thanks to her dancing. Here’s to hoping I meet her again for the nth time!


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