Life Lately: September 2017

Wild Kinjo, the prettiest resto near UST

September was crazy. Attending two events in the same month means two performances. Moreover, there are many birthday celebrants this month—me, my mom, my friends, and my favorite anime characters, but let’s not talk about that here lol.

All my weekends were booked, and idk if that was a good or a bad thing. Probably the former. ww

DollyMoon PH Chokers

Finally got my chokers from Kaye’s accessory shop, DollyMoon PH. I had them delivered to my workplace, so I ended up not working for at least 30 minutes when they arrived. ww

Chokers by Dollymoon PH Chokers by Dollymoon PH

Good Food After Rehearsals

If you study, live, or work near the UST area, don’t forget to drop by at Wild Kinjo at P.Noval Street. Remember when I used to blog how good Shibusa’s Spicy Salmon Roll is? They’ve rebranded and finally moved to a new place! Their prices are now cheaper (plus they have new food on the menu!), but the quality and quantity are still the same.

Wild Kinjo, the prettiest resto near UST Wild Kinjo's Spicy Salmon Maki Wild Kinjo's Pork Churrasco Wild Kinjo's Philly Cheese Roll

Happy Birthday to Meeeeee

If you’re wondering how I spent my birthday, there’s nothing special about it. I just filed a leave at work and stayed at home to watch the streaming of Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine’s senshuraku (last show) on NicoNico Douga. My plan was to visit Tokyo or Osaka for this, along with Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu!!, but I had a change of plans.

And good thing I did because the weekend I was planning to leave the country was the same weekend as Best of Anime… I have no regrets.

Best of Anime + Cosplay Mania

I attended my first Best of Anime (finally) this September! We managed to pass the audition and was able to perform during the finals, along with two other groups. I had the chance to meet legit idols (STARMARIE) and my favorite cosplayers (Reika and Yuegene Fay), too.

As for Cosplay Mania, I always look forward to this convention and it never disappointed me. Sure, this year had problems because they changed their usual format, but it was still great all in all.

I’ve made separate posts about Best of Anime 2017 and Cosplay Mania 2017 in case you want to read. ww

STARMARIE x Seishun Kakumei at Best of Anime 2017CosMania 2017 x SK

I think I forgot to mention that BoA was held on 9nine day, September 9th (09/09). We got these flyers, which 9nine gave away during Tokyo Idol Festival, for free from a fellow idol fan! Thank youuuu.

9nine Day

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I had my hair colored for BoA and CosMania! Well, it’s only the lower part since I’m still not decided what color I should try next for my entire hair. We call my hair “Morty ombre” because it has the same color as Kang‘s doge… doggo… pupper… whatever slang word you can think of for the word “dog.” www

Morty ombre

How about you? Were you able to attend these events? What did you do this September? Let me know!

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  1. I’m amazed by Wild Kinjo – just looking at the photos on their Facebook page is enough to make my mouth water. I told my friends about it already and we might go there really soon! Thank you for sharing about it!

    I’ve visited Pound by Todd English to try out their burgers but I was more amazed by their truffle risotto, haha.

    1. Their food is good, and they sometimes take inspiration from anime (like Shokugeki no Souma) when preparing the ingredients! I highly recommend their Philly Roll if you love cheese. 😉

      The name of the resto sounds high-class lol. I’ll take note of that risotto, but what can you say about their burger? I’ve seen photos on Zomato and they look delicious. (*o*)

      Oh, btw! Thank you for RT-ing my tweet. It seems like you’re connected with the person who adopted the abandoned kittens we saw. I wasn’t able to meet her since I left the office early, but I’m glad we found a home for the kitties within that rainy day. (T_T)

      1. Oooh, I do love cheese (even if cheese does not love me~) so I’ll try that!

        I thought Pound would be super fancy but it’s all burgers, sliders and pasta! I’ve checked and I had the T.E. burger, which is probably their standard burger. It’s very beefy and the onions are crispy. They also have add-on ingredients but I wanted to try the burger as is. It is tasty!

        Aaah, that’s great that someone took in the kittens! I’m glad to have been able to help somehow! I wonder who it was, haha.

        1. Then you’ll definitely love the Philly Roll. Haha. Let me know once you’ve tasted it.

          Ohhhh. I love crispy onions! I’ll try the burger if I drop by the area. (*___*)

          I’m not sure who, but when I checked her profile on Twitter, it seems like you know each other. :))