Cosplay Mania 2017: Day 1 & 2

Hikarin's Classrom at Cosplay Mania 2017

Cosplay Mania has always been an event I look forward to every October, though this year it started on the last day of September lol. This 2017 marks our 4th stage with Hall EX, and I’m truly grateful that they’re still giving us a slot. This is the only convention that I’m willing to attend both days even if it’s tiring.

Pre-Cosplay Mania

We had a 3-day rehearsal for Cosplay Mania. The first one was at the usual studio in Maginhawa. I wasn’t able to take any photo, but that’s actually a good thing for us because it meant that we were serious during rehearsal. We were able to finish the full version of Miracle Paradise and Re:Call. Now that’s what you call a productive day!

The second rehearsal was kinda disappointing for me because I was stuck in traffic for almost two hours. To think that this new studio we booked at Katipunan is nearer my place…

SK Dance Rehearsal

The third rehearsal was around Boni, and tbh there was no need for a third if we were just able to start on time during the previous rehearsal… Anyway, I’m glad we were able to finish rehearsing Catch You, Catch Me the day before our actual performance. /sigh of relief

SK Dance Rehearsal

Before we ended our Friday, we ate at this unli chicken place near Susana Heights. You South people are lucky. www

unlimited chicken

Day 1: Seishun Kakumei + Meet and Greets

Performance day! We woke up at 5 in the morning—expecting to be at the venue by 8 or 9—yet we arrived late for our morning rehearsal. It’s one of those days you curse your Uber drivers for being pushy about which route to take. </3

We were all wearing the Ookun shirt that we got from Best of Anime! I got a large size and I’m channelling my 9nine oshi’s fashion—wearing big shirts as short dresses. Of course, I still did the Rippi hair. ww

Ookun T-shirt from BoA Ookun T-shirt from BoA

Don’t get me started on the massive lines that happened during Day 1, but let’s just say that Donna and I spent most of our morning at Hall CS and we got back at the stage area 30 minutes before our performance. We had to do everything fast, from wearing our costume to putting on our makeup. It was hectic, but I’m glad we made it on time.

CosMania 2017 x SK

If you missed us on stage, you can watch our performances below. Our setlist was Miracle Paradise and Re:Call by i☆Ris. Technically, our last performance (Catch You Catch Me by GUMI) is by i☆Ris because we copied the choreography they did for Animax Musix 2013.

Of course, I’d like to thank everyone who came and supported us! Our morning didn’t start good, but I’m glad that all the bad things were washed away after seeing our audience enjoying our performance. /crying

CosMania 2017 x SK

After our perf, we went to the Canon booth and bought some prints from Jin (behindinfinity). We also appeared in her Cosplay Mania vlog. Go check it out!

With Jin (behindinfinity) With Jin (behindinfinity) Jin (behindinfinity) merch

And I’m not yet done. I also bought some merchandise and a photo op with Knitemaya and Hikarin! Even if 2017 is almost over, I got her calendar because of her Zen cosplay. She asked for my birthday and drew a heart on the 18th!!! She’s so precious for greeting me a belated happy birthday. (T_T)

Knitemaya merchHikarin merch

I took a photo with Saito Souma (the display ww) at Sacra Music’s booth while roaming around. I’d like to thank Haikyuu!! for introducing me to this amazing guy.

Also dropped by at Kawaii PH’s booth and the tarpaulin outside with our name. (Someone’s missing in action because she’s enjoying the JAM concert. ww)

CosMania 2017 x SK x Kawaii PH CosMania 2017 x SK

Day 2: Meet and Greets Again

Knowing that the line was extremely long yesterday, I went to SMX early. The moment I arrived, I applied for the lottery of Wataru Hatano and Nishiyama Koutaro‘s sign and then went straight to Hall SP to watch Hikarin’s makeup tutorial for base makeup. I was at the tech booth the entire time (thank you, friends!) and got a good view.

Hikarin's Classrom at Cosplay Mania 2017

I don’t want to elaborate on the seiyuu panel because this post might become too long, but you can read my thread on Twitter! I didn’t win the lottery btw. Fate is playing with me because CD062 and CD076 won…

My last agenda for the day was to take a photo (again) with Hikarin and Knitemaya! Suitao’s was a last-minute decision, but tbh I’ve always wanted to meet her. The timing of the events when she’s here were just not right. When we finally met, she wouldn’t let go of my hand. So sweet. ///

With Hikarin

I saw many people saying that this year’s CosMania was the worst, but tbh it’s not that bad for me. Day 1 was extremely stressful, but they were able to adjust and do some measures to make things better for Day 2. As early as now, I’m excited for next year. Who knows? We might see the same guests again. ww

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