Seishun Kakumei at Best of Anime 2017

Seishun Kakumei x Sir Youko of Wariboushi Photography

I’ve known Best of Anime for a long time, but I never had the chance to go because it always has a conflict with my schedule. Thankfully, they held an Anime Idol Dance Battle this year. We then sent our audition video and passed the screening! What’s more is STARMARIE is coming back to the country and will be the judges for the finals. Wow.

The i☆Ris (アイリス) Propaganda

At Seishun Kakumei, we value everyone’s opinion. I think that’s one of our strong points as a dance cover group. We give each other a chance to cover artists and songs that we like one at a time. So if we’re going to perform 9nine (again) in the future, you know who are the people behind that. ww

It wasn’t that difficult for us to decide what song to perform. In fact, it has always been the lack of time to perform songs we wish to cover. Now, a majority of us wanted to perform i☆Ris. I barely know them as a group, but after watching the dance version of Re:Call, I am convinced. And there goes the propaganda.

Preparation for Best of Anime

Sadly, Kicks Dance Studio at the Anonas-Sikatuna area is now closed. We tried to book via text and was shocked to hear the sad news. It has been our go-to studio for three years and to think that our audition video was our last rehearsal there… All the memories. </3

Good thing, we found a new place! We’re now rehearsing at a studio above Empire Fashion Cafe in Maginhawa.

Seishun Kakumei at Best of Anime 2017

Janine (from Germany!!) is taking a vacation here just in time for our perf. Yay! She gave us chocolates as souvenirs and I couldn’t be any happier. Also, Kams recently came back from Japan and I got the KitKat sake (+ 9nine’s new single “SunSunSunrise”) I asked her to buy.

Seishun Kakumei rehearsal with Janine

Last day of rehearsal, and we’re being anime and idol weirdos as usual. My Sugawara (Karasuno) T-shirt is from the Haikyuu!! Pop-Up Store in Harajuku, while the muffler towel I’m holding is Lev (Nekoma) from an Ichiban Kuji. Donna has her GEM T-shirt on with a 9nine muffler towel (from the time she attended Tokyo Idol Festival). Satsunyan, of course, has a Poppin’Party (from the BanG Dream! franchise) T-shirt and towel from the live she recently attended.

Seishun Kakumei rehearsal

As for the costume, we’re extremely thankful to Carla of Kanamori Designs. The costumes are not only beautiful, they arrived on time and we didn’t even feel the hassle along the process. Yes, the trauma of our costume not arriving (despite being fully paid) still lingers. ww

Seishun Kakumei rehearsal Seishun Kakumei costume fitting

Are You Ready? Say! Miracle Paradise

As I mentioned earlier, this year’s Best of Anime was my first. We’ve always been busy preparing for Cosplay Mania that we don’t have the time to drop by to another event. Also, BoA usually takes place on my birthday, so it’s a sure no-go for me. From all the competitions we joined, this one is the most relaxing. I don’t know why, but I didn’t feel the pressure. Probably because…

1) I just want to perform on stage ASAP. For the past years, our schedule has always been packed—we have at least four to five performances in the first half of the year. This time, BoA’s Anime Idol Dance Battle was our first for 2017. It gave an “I just wanna perform, I don’t care about the outcome.” sort of feeling.

2) STARMARIE was the judge. Actual idols judging our performance. ACTUAL. IDOLS. FROM. JAPAN. Instead of feeling more pressure, I felt thrilled to show them what we’ve got. I may sound like I’m overconfident, but that’s not true. I just… trust everyone wholeheartedly. Practice never betrays.

If you missed our performance, you can watch it on our Facebook page! Don’t forget to like us. ww

Of course, our performance wouldn’t be as great if it weren’t for the people cheering for us. I have to say this over again, but hearing people’s cheers and saying that they’re a “fan” of Seishun Kakumei could bring me to tears. Seriously.

After Performance

Seishun Kakumei at Best of Anime 2017

Seishun Kakumei at Best of Anime 2017

Thank you so much to Sir Youko of Wariboushi Photography for these amazing photos! We had a mini photoshoot near the meeting room area. Thanks SMX for the apt background. ww

Seishun Kakumei x Sir Youko of Wariboushi Photography Seishun Kakumei x Sir Youko of Wariboushi Photography

Lots of Love for and from STARMARIE

Apart from our performance, Day 1 is more like a “STARMARIE Appreciation Day.” When we arrived at the venue, we went to their booth immediately after registering (for Anime Idol Dance Battle). And I haven’t even been in the convention hall for 10 minutes and I already spent 1k for their album.

Seishun Kakumei at Best of Anime 2017

While they’re signing the album, Hiichan noticed my nails. Yeah. It was part of the plan to paint our nails according to our costume. Sorry if mine was poorly made. I just used a marker. ww

When the winners were announced, we were extremely happy. Not only we had the chance to share the same stage as STARMARIE, we also got lots of hugs. (>//<)

Even after their performance, we used part of our prize money to have a cheki (polaroid) with them. www

Seishun Kakumei at Best of Anime 2017
STARMARIE x Seishun Kakumei at Best of Anime 2017
STARMARIE x Seishun Kakumei at Best of Anime 2017

What a Fulfilling Day

This year’s BoA is great. Not to mention that I get to see Reika, Yuegene Fay, and Spyair without buying their meet and greet ticket. I thought I won’t be able to see them because of my conflicting schedule, but good thing I always stayed at the side of the stage.

Best of Anime 2017 Ribbon Cutting SPYAIR at Best of Anime 2017

If you want to see us perform again, we secured a slot at Cosplay Mania! We’ll have an i☆Ris setlist this weekend. See you at Day 1 (Sept. 30) around 1:30 P.M. Don’t miss our perf, y/y?

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