Life Lately: August 2017

Seishun Kakumei rehearsals

I have nothing much to share this month. Why? If I were to put the things that made me happy recently—about my idol, seiyuu, and stageplay fandoms to be exact—in this post, they’ll occupy about 80% of this month’s Life Lately series. ww

Anyway, there are three highlights for this August: food, rehearsals, and a friend from Indonesia (who’s now working in Japan) visiting the PH.

Food, Food, Food

What I like about my workplace is it never lets us go hungry. Do you need to have that project rushed? Oh, we did a good job? We met the expected output for the month? You need us to work on additional campaigns? Yep. Even on normal days, we always have food.

What’s more is I have colleagues who always eats out with me. I have this feeling that more than half of my salary goes to food… and it’s not a bad thing… I guess.

And I’m going to share my recent discovery! As usual, I went to Family Mart for some snacks and found these. Oishi, a local food brand, has a pack of choco filled marshmallows. It was meh, but I’d still buy it because it has individual packaging. It’s good when you suddenly craved for something sweet. The oatmeal cookies of Mrs. Goodman is sooo good. I’ve always liked their crossini, too.

Walks are Great. It Burns Calories and…

The thing about having a sedentary lifestyle is you lack exercise. That’s why I make it a habit to climb stairs instead of using escalators/elevators and walk instead of riding public transport.

What’s great about those habits is I meet adorable friends along the way. Every day, I see this momma cat at the station. A few weeks later, I saw it with kittens. And recently, after not seeing its kittens for weeks, I saw those kittens all grown up. There’s also a cat I see whenever we buy breakfast. It likes the bell attached to my wallet so much.

Another adorable friend I meet during my afternoon walks (from my workplace to the train station) is this K9 service dog. Isn’t he adorable? Huhuhu.


Seishun Kakumei Preparation for BOA

We’ve been performing for almost five years, but we always struggle with finding someone to make our costumes. There was this time when our costume didn’t arrive, so we’re kinda more anxious where to put our trust. Good thing, Carla (a good friend of ours) from Kana Mori Designs agreed to work on our costume!

We’ve been visiting her place and found out that their rescued chihuahua had two babies, with one of them named Ciara. What a coincidence. Moreover, Ciara is a cutie!

We had our first fitting during rehearsals! The costumes are so pretty, we wanna cry. (T_T)

Seishun Kakumei rehearsals Seishun Kakumei rehearsals

From Indonesia, to Japan, to PH

Remember our friend who I finally met in Japan? It turns out he planned a visit to Manila and Cebu with his friend, Jinnosuke-san. Of course, I had to file a leave to tour him around since we only had an hour to meet last time. I’ll get more into detail about this when I’m not busy. OTL

UP Street Food with Andezz and Jin from JapanGerry's Grill with Andezz and Jin from Japan

What about you? What were your highlights for this month?

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