From Singapore to Manila: A Touristy Weekend with Sakichi [2/2]

Bengal Brew / Wolf & Bear

This is a continuation of my previous post! We started our Sunday with a good meal at Torch, then spent the whole afternoon with fluffy babies at Bengal Brew Cafe. Ended the day with good food, too.

Day 3: Torch, Bengal Brew Cafe, and Samgyupsal

We had our lunch at Torch in Greenbelt. I wasn’t able to take a photo of the food, but the highlight of this lunch was Sachi and I got member-color cups (hers is blue and mine is yellow) when we ordered tea. It was a good coincidence.

Tea at Torch

Now that our stomachs are full, we booked a Grab to Bengal Brew. Ana didn’t drive for us anymore because… well, you know how stressful it is to drive in Manila. OTL

When we arrived, most of the cats were asleep. We didn’t want to disturb them so we went to the dog area instead.

Bengal Brew / Wolf & Bear Bengal Brew / Wolf & Bear

There’s an area upstairs where we can eat and drink our orders. Beside it, there were cute little dogs!

Bengal Brew / Wolf & Bear Bengal Brew / Wolf & Bear Bengal Brew / Wolf & Bear

Bengal Brew / Wolf & Bear

Downstairs, they had the bigger dogs. When we arrived, I noticed that one of them is extremely scared of people. It only goes calm when approached by one of the staff. Of course, that didn’t stop me from making friends with it. I was even told that I was the first ever visitor to pet him. Huhu. Poor baby.

Bengal Brew / Wolf & Bear

Afterward, we’ll be meeting Cindy at Taft after her class to have some samgyupsal. We ate at Go!KiZip 고기집 because Samgyupsalamat was full. </3

Go! Kizip Korean Restaurant Go! Kizip Korean Restaurant

Day 4: Kikufuji at Little Tokyo

As mentioned in my previous post, I wasn’t able to file a leave so I still have to go to work on a Monday. I slept earlier (at 3 A.M. lol) because I need to get up by 9 A.M. Luckily, our Airbnb is only a walking distance from my office!

Fast forward to dinner, we ate at Kikufuji in Little Tokyo. Jilyn joined us after her work, as well.

Kikufuji at Little Tokyo Kikufuji at Little Tokyo Kikufuji at Little Tokyo Kikufuji at Little Tokyo Kikufuji at Little Tokyo

Day 5: Departure Day

I woke up earlier than everybody else again because I have work. I bid my goodbyes to Saki and I feel left out for not being able to accompany her until the airport. Huhu. Look at my bimbs enjoying Serenitea near the airport.


You see, not all people you meet online are bad. All you have to do is be careful and make sure that you’re truly making “friends” with the right people. That’s eight years of friendship right there.

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  1. how do you even survive work with only a 6 hours sleep omg LOL

    i used to be able to do that back in college but now, my body calls for bed whenever i’m home from work (which is usually around 8~9 pm) i usually sleep around 00:00 or 01:00. even then, i’m still sleepy sometimes (a cat needs 15 hours of sleep after all)

    p.s: cute doggos and cattos! the cat in the 2nd picture though!! looks like a savannah cat (or is it?)

    1. That’s normal for me, though. My average sleep time when going to work is 4 to 5 hours lol.

      There are instances when I feel like passing out the moment I get home, too. Unfortunately, insomnia is an enemy. Huhu.

      Yep, it is! I wasn’t able to take a proper photo when it was awake.

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