Life Lately: July 2017

Yuujou Shangri-La Exhibit

We’re past the half of 2017, can you believe it? In a month, it’ll be the start of the -ber months and the next thing we know, we’re welcoming the new year. Time sure flies fast. I have to start ticking more boxes on my to-do list for this year (like taking the JLPT and preparing to study again *cough*). Good luck, self.

Nothing much for this month except the usual rehearsals, meetup with friends, having a visitor from Singapore, and food. I can’t believe I’m such a tourist in my own city. ww

B-side Stickers

B-side stickers are popular in Japan because apart from their amazing designs, they’re UV and waterproof. You can stick them on your luggage, laptop, or phone. But one thing I found amazing was there’s a tricycle in our subdivision that has these stickers on his sidecar. Of course, I had to take a photo lol.

tricycle with B-side stickers

Met with Khryss

Here’s to your friend who always goes to Japan to watch stage plays lol. I met with Khryss at Coffee Bean in Trinoma to get the bromides I asked her. I’ve been a fan of Sasaki Yoshihide, but I never had the luck to win lotteries of stage plays he’s in (e.g. Touken Ranbu and Hakuoki). And just my luck when he’s portraying a lunatic role in Tokyo Ghoul, I wasn’t able to watch. OTL

Coffee Bean Matcha frappe and blueberry cheesecake Sasaki Yoshihide as Tsukiyama Shuu

Skincare Loot

I’m not that much into beauty routines that some of my skincare products and makeup last long until their expiry date. While waiting for Khryss, I bought a CanMake Perfect Serum BB Cream and Biore sunscreens — both the Aqua Rich Watery Gel and the Face Milk powder (no photo).

If you have skin care and makeup suggestions for combination skin, let me know!

CanMake BB Cream & Biore UV Sunscreen Aqua Rich Watery Gel

Eiga Sai at Shangri-La

Due to my work schedule, I wasn’t able to watch any movie. Huhu. Still, Ashley told me to just drop by for dinner with them. And because I haven’t seen Chai for a while, I decided to go. We ate at BonChon and roamed around Shangri-La to take photos of their Japanese-related displays.

(Pssst. There’s a wrong spelling there. Who approved that graphic for display. OMG.)

Yuujou Shangri-La Exhibit Yuujou Shangri-La Exhibit

From Singapore to Manila

Back when I was still active in Livejournal, I made a friend from Singapore. Even if I don’t fangirl as much with JE idols, we still kept in touch. After graduating university in the U.S., she decided to visit us here in Manila before she enters the adult world in Singapore.

Sakichi in the PH (Fort Santiago)

We took her to Intramuros (and made her eat lots of Filipino food), the National Museum, and a pet cafe in Cubao. I’ll make a separate post about this soon!

Rehearsals, Pets, and Shibusa

If I’m going to put into percentage how we spend our rehearsal days, it goes like this: 40% actual dance rehearsal, 30% playing with pets, and 30% eating.


We’ve been regulars at Kick’s Dance Studio in Anonas and luckily, it’s near Maginhawa and many other food establishments. We can pig out afterwards lol.

Shibusa Spicy Salmon Roll

If ever you drop by at Merkanto International Food Street, don’t forget to buy their Spicy Salmon and Philly Cheesesteak maki. Oh, and their katsudon is cooked ala Shougeki no Souma. You won’t regret it.

July was more lax and I had more time to meet with friends — something I probably won’t be able to do once August and September starts. I’m sure August will be busier since we’ll be preparing for our upcoming performance. Please look forward to it.

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