Life Lately: June 2017

Moshi Koshi Eton Tower Makati

I’ve been quite busy (mainly because of my Japan trip) to a point that I ignored many things in the past few months, but I think I’ve caught up! Yay, self. This also marks my first life lately post since moving to a new domain.

For this month, I spent most weekends attending dance rehearsals and playing with my friend’s pets. I also went to the beach with my workmates for our company outing! As for my weekdays, everything’s the usual except that afternoon I had an audio/video call from Ririn after she watched the Naruto stage play in Singapore. ww

Work, Work, Work

I still ride the train every morning to work since it’s not yet rush hour when I leave home. Anyway, I saw three rude cats at the station and was tempted to get them for my friends (matchy catches!), but I don’t have enough money. OTL

rude cat phone case

To prepare for our company outing, the building admin allowed us to use the rooftop. After almost working for five years in the same building, I’m finally going to see how the rooftop looks like.


Hello, Bataan! I’m not fond of black sand beaches, but this kind of break is not bad. What I enjoyed the most is playing with the stray dogs and riding the banana boat!


Meetup with Ririn

Ate dinner with Ririn at Wendy’s and talked about her first stage play experience. I’m so envious! I like almost all the additional characters in the Naruto stage play, especially Shinji Rachi (Uchiha Itachi) and Kitamura Ryo (Sai), and I feel bad for not seeing them live.


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Being someone who has watched stage plays in Japan, I kinda convinced Ririn to go to Singapore since I know it’ll be worth it. The cost is less and you can pick your seat, unlike the random seating they have in Japan. She’s even luckier than I am because she was able to touch Sato Ryuuji’s (Uchiha Sasuke) hand. I never had that chance even during that time we got an aisle seat. OTL

Welcome Home

I was told that dad will be coming home this year, but I didn’t expect it to be sudden. When I got home from work, mom told me that dad will be coming home the next day. Of course, I wasn’t able to fetch him at the airport because I need to file a leave for that. When I got home, the first thing that my dad told me was, “Oh. We have a guest!” WHAT. I’m so confused. ww

Office Lunchouts

Here’s another series of our office lunch outs. We’ve been eating at Gringo (again) and Moshi Koshi, a Japanese food restaurant that I feel is so underrated. They have delicious meals like ramen and tonkatsu, I don’t know why their branch at SM Fairview disappeared. Good thing, they chose a new branch that’s near my workplace.

Moshi Koshi Eton Tower Makati Moshi Koshi Eton Tower Makati Moshi Koshi Eton Tower Makati

Fringe Cut

I think I’ve mentioned this many times, but I cut my own bangs. Even if I go to the salon, I always tell the stylist to leave my bangs as it is. Idk. I probably lost faith in them when I had two or three failed haircuts.

So… this is how my June went. What about you? Anything exciting that happened to you this month?

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