Life Lately: May 2017

Korean ice cream

Starting the month right with a continuation of my Japan trip! Then, I met and watched a movie with friends a week after I came back. I also got a new haircut where the stylist thought I was a high school student. As usual, this post contains food.

Japan, Japan, Japan

Our Japan trip continues with many events and cross-country visits to Sendai, Aomori, Osaka, Kyoto, and Saitama. Many people I know — both in Japan and the PH — are surprised that we’re surviving and often say that what we’re doing is extremely tiring. I’ll get more into detail once I start doing individual posts. In the meantime, you may check some posts I already published in my Japan category!

Fushimi Inari

Desk Breakfast + Lunch Outs

When I want a heavy breakfast at work, I get a french toast (2), scrambled egg, tuna flakes, banana (2), and Moo Milk Chocolate. When I want something light, I’ll buy porridge and tofu.

“I work to put food on the (office) table.” Sometimes, I take that joke too far. There are days when I feel like I’m working just to buy myself more food than what I actually need. Anyway, I’m glad I’m not doing this alone lol.

Go Salads Darling BreakfastKorean ice cream

Recently, my workmates and I have been eating at Army Navy (Blueberry pancake!!!) and Go Salads (Sweet Caroline and Darling Breakfast ftw!). When we crave for ice cream, we feel blessed to have a Korean grocery nearby.

We also got a Pringles Bites pack for free! It’s so tiny that when you stack them up, you can eat everything in the pack in… one bite. ww

Omiyage + Koe no Katachi

Met with SK to give them an omiyage and bring the things they asked to buy in Japan. We had a short meeting as we ate our late lunch and then we watched Koe no Katachi.

Back to Short Hair

After one year of growing and not coloring my hair, I finally had my haircut!

The salon was packed when I came, so I was asked to wait for 30 minutes. When a stylist came, he asked me an odd question…

Stylist: “What haircut does your mom want?”
Me: ???
Stylist: “Of course, she’ll be the one to pay, so she decides what haircut you’ll get, right?”
Me: *!?!?!?!?!?!* “I can pay for my own haircut…”
Stylist: “…how old are you?”
Me: *says real age*
Stylist: *shocked* “I thought you’re only in high school!”

Yeah. It happens. It’s either I get mistaken for a high school or college student or a Korean.

New Shoes

If you know me, you won’t be surprised that I only have a few pairs and that I use one of them every day to the point that its sole gets bad. Idk myself. It’s difficult for me to find a style that I like, but when I went to Rubi Shoes (it’s a shoe store under Cotton On) at Trinoma, I can’t believe I would want more than two pairs. Of course, I only bought one lol.

Andddd, as I walk towards the exit, I saw that So fab! was on sale. I went inside (without an intention to buy) and saw that one thing I’ve always wanted on my shoes — spikes. I bought it without a second thought. OTL


Recently, I’ve been riding the P2P bus from Makati to Trinoma. It’s convenient whenever the MRT decides to fck up or when Uber/Grab has crazy surges. I’m missing Japan every day because if we have better trains here, I can get home in 20 minutes instead of two to three hours. Funny thing: I can’t reach the floor. OTL

All in all, it was a fun and exciting month. The only thing frustrating was the week after I came back from Japan because it took me long to adjust. There’s a big difference in convience and discipline among people here. I hope we can change that soon.

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