Kimi no Na wa. x THE GUEST cafe&diner at Shinsaibashi, Osaka

Kimi no Na wa. Cafe

My friend, Khryss, and I watched Kimi no Na wa. together when it was shown here. We both loved it, so when we found out that there will be a collaboration cafe, we decided to drop by before going to the Touken Ranbu exhibit at Grand Front Osaka. I can’t count how many collab cafes we’ve already been tbh. Haha.

How to Get There

We took the Midosuji Line and got off at Namba Station, which is a mistake but it wouldn’t be a problem if you’re planning to see the Running Man before going to the Shinsaibashisuji Shopping Arcade. From there, however, it’s easy to miss the cafe since it’s on the second floor. The ideal route if you’re planning to visit THE GUEST cafe&diner is to get off at Shinsaibashi Station since it’s only less than a minute walk.

Kimi no Na wa. Cafe

Entering Kimi no Na wa. Cafe

The cafe has many visuals on display, from the stairs up to the entrance and the cafe itself. There are also mini Taki and Mitsuha standees (see below) and a giant poster of the movie.

Kimi no Na wa. Cafe Kimi no Na wa. Cafe
Kimi no Na wa. Cafe

The staff showed us some house rules before proceeding to our table. I can’t remember them all, but I recall the cafe having a one-hour limit and not allowing entrance when your group is not yet complete.

Kimi no Na wa. Cafe Kimi no Na wa. Cafe

The Menu

There’s a lot to choose from and they’re all good whether you eat there for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Feel free to check the menu and official goods at their website. You can also see more photos if you browse through the Kimi no Na wa. cafe hashtag on Twitter!

Kimi no Na wa. Cafe Kimi no Na wa. Cafe Kimi no Na wa. Cafe

I ordered the island-inspired pasta and stew in a bread bowl, while my friends ordered the lunch meal set, ramen, and matcha dessert.

Kimi no Na wa. Cafe
Kimi no Na wa. Cafe

Their meals were so good. At first, we thought that 1k yen for a meal is too much, but I’m glad we weren’t disappointed with the taste. My favorite is the matcha dessert, and I’m giving it a perfect score. ww

Meeting an Online Friend

I finally met one of my closest online friends (for eight years!) in Japan. I still feel overwhelmed because he blocked his schedule and came back to Japan from a China/Hong Kong trip to meet me. Huhu. Thank you.

I feel bad that I only had an hour to spend with him. Our schedule is packed that day because we’re going to an exhibit and watching a stage play afterward. (T_T)

Kimi no Na wa. Cafe Kimi no Na wa. Cafe

Our visit to this cafe was short, but worth it. It’s not one of the those themed cafes with food and drinks that only look good. I wish we had more time to roam around the cafe, though.

The Kimi no Na wa. cafe collaboration was also at Ikebukuro and Nagoya. Were you able to visit them? Let me know!

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