Yuri!!! on ICE x Anime Plaza (Produced by Adores) Collaboration Cafe at Akihabara

Yuri!!! on ICE Anime Plaza Collaboration Cafe

As soon as we arrived in Japan, we headed to Asakusa and then to Akihabara for Anime Plaza’s Yuri!!! on ICE collaboration cafe. We won a reservation slot through a lottery, which is great because this anime has a huge fanbase that walk-ins will be impossible. 

The Collaboration

From April 15th to May 14th, the Akihabara and Sapporo branches of Anime Plaza has launched a collaboration with the popular anime “Yuri!!! on ICE.” As mentioned, reservations are required. Walk-ins are welcome only when it’s not a full house during a specific schedule.

Yuri!!! on ICE Collaboration Cafe

Anime Plaza has many branches (Ikebukuro, Akihabara, Machida, and Sapporo) in Japan, so if you want to know what collaborations they have during your trip, you can check their website.

Yuri!!! on ICE Collaboration CafeYuri!!! on ICE Collaboration Cafe

The Menu

Some parts of the menu are in English, but if you want to know the rest, you need a little bit of knowledge in Nihongo. You’re expected to buy a drink and a meal or dessert, but you’re most welcome to order everything on the menu lol.

One drink is equal to one random coaster and one meal or dessert is equal to one luncheon mat (of your own choice). The staff will ask if you want a laminated mat, which you have to pay for 100 yen.

Yuri!!! on ICE Collaboration Cafe Yuri!!! on ICE Collaboration Cafe Yuri!!! on ICE Collaboration Cafe

If you spent more than 3,000 yen, you have a chance to join a lottery. The prize will be these life-size standees. Of course, you need to have a Japanese address in case you win.

Yuri!!! on ICE Collaboration Cafe

How to Order

The table number will be random, so you should never change seats. On the table, you will see a lengthwise paper where you can write what you want to order. All you need is to write the number of your orders. If you can’t read it, compare what’s on the menu and on the list. The staff will confirm your orders, so don’t worry about making a mistake.


You’re welcome to roam around the cafe to take pictures. There are props near the counter, as well. Feel free to borrow them.

Yuri!!! on ICE Collaboration Cafe Yuri!!! on ICE Collaboration Cafe Yuri!!! on ICE Collaboration Cafe

Yuri!!! on ICE Collaboration Cafe

Bonus: Yuri!!! on ICE UFO Catcher

There are Yuri!!! on ICE UFO catchers on the first floor (just below the cafe). I want one for myself, but I didn’t try because I know I’m not good at this. OTL

Yuri!!! on ICE Collaboration Cafe

What if I’m late?

All Anime Plaza branches have a 30-minute rule. If you don’t arrive within 30 minutes of your reserved schedule, they will not allow you to enter. You also have to enter as a group, which means you can’t let someone enter for you if you’re running late. They have to check your reservation upon entry.

The good news is you can rebook your reservation. This applies only if other schedules are not full. For example, the evening schedule of the same day has one empty table, you can ask the staff to rebook your reservation for that table. You can also rebook on other dates depending on the availability.

Need more info about Anime Plaza’s collaboration cafes? Let me know in the comments. EDIT: If you want to apply for a reservation slot, you can check my How-to post.

Note: Some images in this post are grabbed from Anime Plaza’s official website.

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  1. Hello,
    How do you make the lottery for animePlaza because I would like to go to that of Saiyuki.
    thank you

    1. Hi. You need to register and become a member of Adores before joining the lottery. Go to this page (https://members.adores.jp/Acs/usr/login.do) and click “新規登録の方はこちら” to make an account. It’s best if you have a friend who knows Nihonggo, or you can Google Translate. After joining, wait for an e-mail (usually within a few days) to know if you win.

      I’m planning to make a guide soon, but it seems like the Saiyuki collab will only be until next week. If ever my post won’t make it, you may want to try walking in. I’m not 100% sure (since we only rebooked our reservation), but they might allow you to walk in if one of their schedules is not fully booked.

      Thanks for dropping by!

    2. Hi again. I checked the schedule of the Saiyuki collaboration cafes and unfortunately, both the Ikebukuro and Machida branches have ended their lotteries last July 23. (T_T)

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