MNL TO 東京 ♡ is now MonochroCat


Hello and welcome to my new blog! I’ve been MNL TO 東京 ♡ for years, but I finally decided to get my own domain and become a cat… a MonochroCat lol. Special thanks to Satsunyan for the help. Yaayyy.

I’ve moved most of my posts here and will abandon my previous blog (for good) in a few weeks. I just came back from Japan, so expect more travel posts and how-tos this coming month.

Why the Change?

I have always wanted my own domain, but I never had the chance to do it. Probably it’s because I don’t know how, I’m lazy to get things started, or maybe I can’t seem to find the right platform for me after years of blogging. Thanks to my job, I’ve decided to start an account and stay with WordPress.

Why MonochroCat?

You can find why at my F.A.Q. section, but long story short: I’m bad at coming up with usernames. I’m so bad at it to the point that I always use usernames from lyrics and song titles. I tried (with MNL TO 東京 ♡) a non-song related username, but I got tired of it easily. OTL

What Will be the Focus of Your Blog?

To be frank, I thought I have yet branded myself. Then, I realized that what I enjoy most is writing about my experiences and helping other people to enjoy that same experience. I want my blogs to be as informational as possible since I don’t want to fill MonochroCat with photos only and get praised for it (if it will be). I want everybody to appreciate the effort I put in writing the details of my blog, and probably get a “thank you” for making things easier for them. ww

Please look forward to MonochroCat’s future posts. Thank you. m(_ _)m

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