Life Lately: March 2017

Gringo at Dela Rosa

We’re finally on the third month of the year! That was fast. Many of you are probably busy with school, but here I am doing the same old things—eating and adulting.

Discovered PetCube

I found a new stress reliever! Thanks to Chai for introducing this app to me. It’s called PetCube. If you have the device, you can place it anywhere at home and you can monitor what your pets are doing. Even if you’re away, you can play with them using a laser. All you need is to tap your screen. Just look at the black and white cat on the right.

What’s more is when you make your PetCube account public, people who have the app can view your place and play with your pets as well.

Office Lunch Outs

At work, we eat out 95% of the time. I don’t bring packed lunch because I find it a hassle to travel with a lunch box. I mean, it’s fine and the only thing that’s stopping me is because I’m riding the train. OTL

Anyway, we recently ate at Gringo! I love the place, food, and staff. The only thing that’s making me hate it is the crowd. This particular branch in Dela Rosa at Makati is so noisy, I wouldn’t stand staying for an hour.

Gringo at Dela Rosa

And there’s a newly opened food place near our workplace, too. It’s called Picnic. Most of the food is pricey, but if you want to fill your stomach with good food, then this is the place. Read: They have mouthwatering waffles.

Rehearsals at the South

Went to the South again for rehearsals. Of course, our visit wouldn’t be complete without buying at the taiyaki stand. For 10php, you can get a piece of legit taiyaki. Not bad, right?

Taiyaki near Susana Heights

Attended a Hiphop Class

As mentioned in my previous posts, our office has this “healthy” movement going on that they supply fruits twice a week and order healthier food every end of the month. To be honest, I am enjoying it. Recently, they partnered with Anytime Fitness and gave us a free hiphop class.

Anytime Fitness hiphop class

Chill Weekends with 2.5D

I think I’ll never fail to mention my fandoms in any of my life lately posts lol. I was finally able to watch Kageki Meiji Tokyo Renka ~Oborozuki no Chat Noir~ (or Musical Meiji Tokyo Love Song ~Black Cat of the Hazy Moon~). I’m familiar with most of the cast and I’ve seen three of them—Hirofumi Araki, Hashimoto Shouhei, and Asuma Kosuke—on stage when I went to Japan last year.

Kageki Meikoi

The story was interesting—a girl being transported to the past and met many historical figures during the time when people still call Tokyo as Edo. It was based on a game and I heard it also had an anime version.

Caught in the Act

Every day when I buy breakfast at Mang Lirio’s a.k.a. one of the best Jollijeeps in Makati, I always drop by in front of CIE British school to play with the cats that always stay there. Whenever they hear the bell on my wallet, they always approach me. Of course, I always end up playing with them for a minute or two. (Fact: I always don’t wear my work I.D. properly.)

Girls, Girls, Girls Exhibit

I went to the Girls, Girls, Girls Exhibit at A SPACE, which was curated by our lovely friend over at Kawaii PH, Armaine. I made a separate post about it if you’re interested. (^^)/

How about you? How did your March go? Let me know in the comments!

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