Life Lately: February 2017

Kawaii PH Flea Market

February it is. Nothing new except I get more weekends at home, an event to sell my old stuff, and a sudden trip out of town. And what do you expect? This post once again has food to drool over. ( ̄ω ̄)v 

Work, Work, Work

Remember when I mentioned that our workplace has been supplying fruits every Monday and Friday? This time, our end-of-month had Greek food. The kebab and veggie sticks were sooooo good. There’s pita bread and dip, too.

I was full and all, but then somebody convinced me to ditch my remaining workload and go to Starbucks. Can’t say no to free food and drinks. OTL

Four Words: “Socks to be you.”

After I saw a Facebook post about C.N.A. offering Haikyuu!! socks, I went there immediately. My mom has been complaining since 80% of the socks in our drawer are mine. LOL.

Hot Air Balloon Festival

We went to Clark, Pampanga to attend the 21st Hot Air Balloon Festival. Our tickets were free, thanks to Crissey and Farrah (and their sponsor, Skin White, too!). I’ll make a separate post about this when I have the time. There’s so much to talk about this trip. ww Here you go!

Kawaii PH Flea Market

SK decided to get a booth at Kawaii PH’s Flea Market event. It was fun hanging out with our friends! We’ve been wanting to sell our old clothes and accessories, so we can have additional funds for our rehearsals. Dance studios and costumes can be costly after all.

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Dinner at Loqui’s Place

My workmate, who lives nearby and always go home with me after work, is finally migrating to Canada. We decided to have dinner, along with our ex-workmate who also lives nearby, at Loqui’s Place! It’s beside my high school and it has been a decade since I last went here.

Originally, I wanted to try the newly opened food park in our area, but this one’s more convenient and is not that bad.

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How about you? How did your February go? Got any places to recommend where I (or we) can eat good food?

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  1. Hi! Blog hopping 😀

    That Veggie kebab looks good! You’re company is promoting health and wellness! HAHAHA!
    And Charchar socks! I have those one! I bought them in Japan Home! XD heehee~

    1. Hi, there!

      It issss good. I’ve been with my company for more than four years and this has got to be their best decision yet. They started a health program early 2017 and apart from these mouthwatering food, we get gym partnerships and I recently attended a free hip hop class.

      Yes! Pokemon is a must-buy lol. I just grabbed Charmander the moment I saw it on the rack. Haha. Good to know you have one too. ♡

      1. Wow! We wouldn’t wanna miss a chance if these kind of health benefits are provided right? That is so great! 😀

        Hahahaha! I only get any charmander stuff I see XD I’m pro-charmander XD Hahaha!!