5 Places to Buy Cute Socks in Manila

I started collecting cute socks more than four years ago. It was difficult. It wasn’t that much of a trend, so I struggled looking for sellers. Today, you can find them almost anywhere. Anywhere. Here’s where you can get yours! 

1) C.N.A.

C.N.A., which stands for “Culture, Nature, Art,” is a Korean concept store that sells fashion accessories and cosmetics. When they first opened at Farmer’s Mall in Cubao, I go out of my way to buy at least two pairs. There are times when I buy five or six depending on the designs they have. I’m not into KPOP groups, but if you are, they probably have a pair of your favorite member.

Below is my recent loot this month. Sometimes, they release anime versions. They’re not official, but worth getting hyped for!

The price is 80php per pair and lasts about a year or so (depending on how much you use it and how careful you wash it). Well, you get what you pay for after all.

2) Miniso / Mumuso

Miniso is a Japanese fast fashion brand, while Mumuso is its Korean counterpart. If you’re not fond of character socks, you can get colored socks with cute prints from them.

I haven’t tried buying a pair, but I’ll let you know about their socks’ price and quality soon.

3) Daiso / Japan Home Center

Daiso has always been my go-to place for low-cost (yet useful) items, but they’ve never offered a bunch of cute socks until now. I’m not sure if it depends on the branch, but the one we have at Fairview Terraces has its own corner.

The price is 88php per pair and has the same quality as CNA’s. What got me hyped the most is they have Pokemon, Howl’s Moving Castle, Sailormoon, and Totoro.

4) SM Department Store / Landmark

Trust me. Go to the Kids’ Section and you’ll find many cute socks at the department store. While the displays are mostly small, you can ask for the biggest size. When they ask and you don’t want to admit it’s for you, it’s okay to say “It’s for my little sister.” as an excuse. Haha. I don’t do that all the time, so sometimes I get a confused look from the salesperson I asked.

If talking to a salesperson bothers you, go the area where they sell adult-sized socks. Many brands today, like Iconic and Dickies, are offering colored socks. I got a thick violet pair with a ribbon design about three years ago and I still use it today. Woah. That’s quality right there. As for the price, well… they’re not that budget-friendly.


5) Online Stores / Retailers

Still can’t find the right design for you? Why not browse through the collection of Proppy PH, Happy Socks PH, Stitch’d, and other online shops/retailers.

Many of them have pop-up stores in malls, while also taking orders online. If you don’t mind paying extra for delivery, you can contact them on Facebook to place your orders. I suggest you order in bulk, though. For example, Stitch’d offers free delivery within Metro Manila if you order more than five or seven pairs (depending on what they release).

I often get asked, “Why do you pay so much for something that you’ll hide in your shoe?” Not a lot of people get it, but for me, it’s the surprise that comes when removing your shoes and the curiosity that arises when you tell people that “you’re hiding something” in that footwear. How about you?

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  1. I’ve always wanted to get colorful socks because almost everyone at home uses black ones and I lose mine all the time. ;__;

    Thank you for this post! I’ll check out the socks at CNA when I can drop by. ^^