Life Lately: January 2017

Proud of myself for having a rest month. Yay! I didn’t go out much, so I was also able to save money. 

Happy New Year!

I think this is the most inspirational quote I found on Tumblr. It’s so fitting when you’re starting a new year, right?


Speaking of welcoming 2017, it was our family’s first time not preparing anything (anything at all) for New Year. Unfortunately, we live in an area without a firecracker ban, so our poor dogs had to suffer. We ended up distracting them all night that we didn’t have time to cook.

Drowning in Manga and Stageplay

My free weekends gave me a chance to catch up with my to-read mangas and to-watch stageplays and musicals + backstage footages.

I’m the off-camera type and productions make me awe. Probably the reason I’m so hooked with 2.5D stageplays. It’s kinda related to my college course, so being a staff-san is enough for me.


The DVDs above are from Rock Musical BLEACH ~Mou Hitotsu no Chijou~ and Touken Ranbu ~Kyoden Moyuru Honnoji~ stage. These are not mine btw. If you’ve read my Life Lately post for November. I borrowed these from a friend.

Freebies at Work

Free fruits, free tea, free coffee, free, free, free! Recently, our company has been supplying free fruits to each employee every Mondays and Fridays. It gets me excited all the time that I often post about it on my IG stories.

To make it even better, I got a TWG tea from a co-editor (my editor when I was still a writer). I gave her a pack of Starbucks Teavana in return. I miss the old times when we do tea exchange at work. Huhu.

Met with Khryss at the Il Padrino Coffee

Khryss went again to Japan without me. She’s much deeper in the stage fandom than I am. Haha. A week before her trip, she confessed that she booked a flight to watch Watashi no Host-chan for the sake of Ino Hiroki.

The screening of Kuroshitsuji: The Book of Atlantic movie (with its seiyuu cast Ono Daisuke, Sakamoto Maaya, and Suwabe Junichi) and the stageplay of Otome Youkai Zakuro also coincide with her trip! Of course, I was envious. I don’t have the money to go back and forth to Japan after all. That’s one perk of having a multiple entry visa.


Anyway, she gave me a sneak peek of Ino Hiroki’s complete trading card set and Neko Danshi magazine (which I’m proud of myself for not buying even if it involved cats + precious people).

I got a Sasaki Yoshihide print from 7-Eleven as a souvenir and Ino Hiroki’s Watashi no Host-chan bromides. So proud of him for being number one for the third time (as of writing)! Host-chan is a four-hour long stage—the first two hours is the intermission and also the time to vote for your favorite host, while the second half is the main event and where they will announce who will be number one. ( ;∀;)


Desk Lunch + Vegan

My first all vegan meal thanks (or no thanks?) to my on-going, two-week long desk lunch. It’s one of those times that you’re thankful for ordering food outside with free delivery. These yummy food are from Juicesabel All Vegan Cafe.


Tea Time Breakfast with my Little Sister

My little sister is so into teapots and teacups. She got another one from my cousin, who happens to be her godfather. It’s smaller and more convenient, unlike her porcelain set that I’m so afraid to use because it might break.


I’m sorry that my life lately posts are always being invaded by my fandom. I’ll try to post something more interesting, I swear. OTL

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