Japan 2016 (Day 6): Tokyo Arrival + Akihabara + Airport

Last day in Japan and I can’t believe that this trip is about to end. We still have a lot on our list, but since we lack the time, we decided to roam around Akihabara until it’s time to go to the airport. 

Tokyo Arrival + Akihabara

It was cold when we left Tokyo for Osaka, but when we got back, we didn’t expect it to be scorching hot. As if we’re back in the PH. OTL

Most of the restaurants aren’t open, so we gave up finding a place to eat in Shinjuku. We went straight to Akihabara and luckily found a resto (Dell’s Restaurant) that opened early. It’s near the station, too.

On our way to Animate, we saw an ad truck with a giant ass Deadpool. It was funny because the driver was so chill and he was nodding his head to the tune of the music.

Akihabara Deadpool adAkihabara Deadpool ad

We dropped by Animate and AmiAmi. Wherever I look, all I see are gachapon. I was lucky to find a gacha with Nekoma (from Haikyuu!!) characters. My favorite from this team is Morisuke Yaku. He rarely has a merch since he’s a side character, so I’m one happy fangirl when I got him and Lev. ♡

We passed by AKB48’s Cafe & Shop and the Gundam Cafe, as well.

Akihabara AKB48 Cafe & ShopAkihabara Gundam Cafe

Our last stop was at Yodobashi where I dropped by at Tower Records to buy Terashima Takuma’s new single. The release date coincides with our trip, so I was able to get a free bromide! For those of you who don’t know, buying physically from any music store means getting a freebie. It’s different per store, and it’s a good marketing strategy if you’re the type who wants to collect them all.

Terashima Takuma 0+1

Bye bye, Tokyo

If you’re traveling via train, but don’t have Internet access on mobile (like when you’ve already surrendered your pocket Wi-Fi to your host), you can find this beside the ticket machines. These tell you what train to take, where to change platforms, and at what time. Tap “Print” on the right side and you’ll get a receipt-like instruction to your destination. Truly convenient.

Akihabara to Narita International Airport

We arrived earlier than expected, so we had our last meal. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish mine because I didn’t know that what I ordered has bonito flakes. It sucks to have food allergies. Huhu.

Last meal at Narita International Airport

Moreover, it took me a while to realize that we bought so many things. We had to find a corner at the airport to fix our things, and we almost exceeded our luggage limit. OTL

Jetstar Narita International Airport

This is the last post of my Japan 2016 adventure. As much as I don’t want it to end, I have to move on and look forward to my next visit. I will be back for sure. ٩( ᐛ )و

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