Life Lately: October 2016

Starting the month right with Cosplay Mania and ending it with Halloween parties. I think I need to hibernate soon… (Warning: This post contains Honey Butter Chips. LOTS OF THEM.) 

Cosplay Mania 2016


I stepped out of my comfort zone once again. Thanks SK for giving me an opportunity. I feel like I don’t deserve you all. Let’s keep doing our best. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

I have a separate post for Cosplay Mania in case you want to read, and here’s a bonus. ww

Work, work, work!

There’s a Korean grocery store at the back of our office and I don’t know if I should call myself lucky because they have Honey Butter Chips. After that discovery, I’ve been buying a lot of HBC and Dr. Pepper. Mystic Messenger had so much influence that I broke my “no more junk food and carbonated drinks” rule, which I’ve been following for six years. OTL

Ever since we started performing for Cosplay Mania, work became hectic that I have to work on weekends. This year, good thing it happened a week after our perf. My wallpaper, by the way, is Aoi Shouta (seiyuu/voice actor). ♡

Unexpectedly, I was our team’s top weekly performer. Some of my workmates call me “kakumei” after hearing the name of our dance group. Well, that’s okay because I’m a revolutionary girl after all. ww


Finally used the stickers I got at BLush Con and CosMania! I should start remembering from which stores I buy stuff, so I can credit the artists.

House blessing at Kang’s new place ☆

After work, Sachi and I went to Kang‘s new place! (Read: We were actually bribed with food.) This means a new rehearsal area for us. No more running and screaming children to disturb us. Phew.

If you’re following me on Instagram, you must’ve seen my IG stories where we’ve been trying to summon 707 in Kang’s bedroom, while having a Skype video call with a sick Ririn. End of story. ww

Halloween Partyyy!!

I was so busy with our Halloween Party celebration that I forgot to take a photo of myself in costume. But I didn’t forget to take a photo with a deadly weapon! #priorities

The following day, we went to Hade’s place to try his DAM karaoke box. We were able to sing many Japanese songs, and all I can remember were the ones I participated in:

  • Ikuze! Kaitou Shojo – Momoiro Clover Z
  • Moonlight Densetsu – Dali (Sailormoon OST)
  • Onnaji Kimochi – Tokyo Girls’ Style
  • Ganbatte Itsudatte Shinjiteru – Tokyo Girls’ Style
  • Shining Star – 9nine
  • Colorful – 9nine
  • White Wishes – 9nine
  • Shoujo Traveler – 9nine
  • Renai Revolution 21 – Morning Musume

It was also my first time at the Cool Japan store in Light Mall and I ended up buying makeup. I was there originally to look at their anime merch.

After CosMania, October has been a breather. No rehearsals mean I can socialize or simply stay at home. It was a good month.

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