Seishun Kakumei at Cosplay Mania 2016 (Day 1) + Fangirling Mode (Day 2)

The most anticipated ACG event of the year… and I’m not kidding! Every year, I look forward to CosMania’s lineup of guests and events. They don’t disappoint after all.

The highlights? We were able to perform at Hall EX Stage for the third time, I got called cute by one of my favorite cosplayers, and we saw Rin (Love Live!)’s seiyuu perform. 

Idol Cosplay Competition

Our piece for Cosplay Mania x Little Akiba Project’s Idol Cosplay Competition is a Momoiro Clover Z medley. We danced Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo, Moon Pride (Sailormoon), and Moonlight Densetsu (Sailormoon). The costume was made in a rush (4 days!!) and we had to put the details ourselves.

After watching Mizuki Nana and T.M. Revolution’s performance at Kohaku Uta Gassen, I can’t help but feel amazed at costume transformations. I want to do it someday with SK. Thanks to this competition, we found the opportunity.

As the criteria include 30% costume, I pushed the idea—henshin, as we call it. If you want to know how we did it, feel free to watch our performance on our Facebook page!


Singing has never been my forte. I had a traumatic experience prior to SK, so I thought it wasn’t meant for me. I’ve been telling myself that I’ll make up what I lack with dancing. This year, however, I’ve challenged singing on stage—Aishiteru! Banzai and Mi wa μ’sic no Mi. Nerve-wracking, but I gotta start somewhere.

As for this perf, we only had a day to practice singing and dancing. I’m a little bit disappointed, but it was a given. I promise we’ll do better. (•̀o•́)ง

Post-performance ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Thank you for the loveee! It’s so nice to have friends supporting you. Before SK, I thought that “hearing the audience cheer gives power” was an exaggeration BUT IT WASN’T. How the audience reacts truly affects your performance.


After resting, Donna and I decided to drop by the CosShoppe and buy food. To our surprise, Tenka and Kiri were there. What a great coincidence! Kiri was one of the judges, so she said immediately that I’m cute before I could even start talking. Tenka also remembered me when we had a talk a year ago on FB and Twitter. #fangirlmode

Starmarie and Rippi-rippi (♥ω♥ ) ~♪


If you’ve been following Japanese artists, you’ll know that flower stands are somewhat a big deal. It’s a way to show your support. Oh, look. Our group’s name is there. ww

After changing clothes, I claimed my Rippi official cap from Satsunyan. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough funds to buy a front-row seat. I watched the I ♡ Anisong concert at the Gold area with Chai and Donna.

Day 2 of fangirl mode!!!

I attended two meet and greets for Day 2—Baozi and Hana and the 4-in-1 M&G (Yukari Shimotsuki, KANAME☆, DD-Tenka, and Kirisaki). Day 1 was so hectic that I didn’t have the time to fit any meet and greet in my schedule. OTL

The 4-in-1 M&G session wasn’t a full-house, but it was a good thing because we had more time to communicate with each guest. It was a struggle talking to Yukari-san and Kaname-san, but I’m glad my knowledge in Nihongo didn’t fail me.

My merchandise loot a.k.a. bye money. Huhu. I got DD-Tenka’s Kousaka Honoka (Love Live!) photobook and Tomohisa Kitakado (B-Project) A4 posters, Kirisaki’s Hoshizora Rin (Love Live!) photosets, KANAME☆’s Kurosaki Ichigo (BLEACH) photo, and Vic Kumiko’s Kaede Takagaki (The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls) photobook.

Of course, Mystic Messenger. I’m not going into details on this one. #MysMeTrash

Cosplay Mania has been another rollercoaster of emotions. I’m still trying to recover from all that money I spent, too. Good luck to me again next year, I guess? ww

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