Life Lately: September 2016

Phew. My September has always been busy, but this year is probably the most hectic one yet. We started planning for our Cosplay Mania performance that I almost forgot about my birth month. I spent a lot on merch (Read: 9nine and Terashima Takuma) this month, too. Bye money. 

A new performance with SK


After the Cosplay Idol Contest was announced, we decided to brainstorm at Kang’s house. Of course, we were sidetracked most of the time because… there are two evil cats in the house. Meet Satan and Smole (as in small). ww

Bye money!

When Sachi went to Japan to watch 9nine’s concert, I asked her to buy a shirt for me. I also bought one of the albums that she got as a set for their cheki (polaroid) event. She also won a Hiroro pin from the gatcha! The white shirt and towel are from Donna when she also went to Japan for Tokyo Idol Festival 2016.

I’ve been wearing the shirts and using the towel during rehearsals. #fan95ever

Have I mentioned that Terashima Takuma is my favorite seiyuu (voice actor)? I love his voice + the fact that he’s wearing glasses = ドキドキ!! He sang the ED song for Servamp (where he’s also the lead as Shirota Mahiru).

I bought his 5th anniversary single, Sunlight Avenue, for two reasons: 1) Seiyuus are known for portraying different voices, and it turns out that the particular voice he used for this song is what I love about him. Yes, the refreshing type. 2) There’s a cat on the cover. Cuteness overload.

I was contented buying it from CDJapan, but when I saw the signed bromides, I couldn’t resist and had to pay for more to get them. Huhu. The thing about CD releases in Japan is that you get a different bromide depending on where (the actual CD store) you bought them.

Mystic Messenger? You mean, Mistake Messenger.


While everybody is going crazy about PokemonGO, here I am chatting with “hot guys” using a strange messenger app. At first, I thought I won’t last playing an otome game that isn’t Japanese, but this is actually ruining my life.

Happy birthday to me!


I was so dead tired because of our dress rehearsal, but I’m glad I found the time and energy to treat my family at S&R Pizza and Baskin Robbins for my birthday. ww

Devil’s Cheesecake for the little devil (me) in the office! Even though my birthday was on a weekend, my workmates still bought a cake for me. Look how the table turned into a mess in a few minutes lol.

We made it to through the screening!


YES YES WE ARE THE MOMOIRO CLOVER!!! The day before my birthday, we had a dress rehearsal and recording for our audition piece. A few days later, we received a notification that we passed.

Judging from our costume, you probably know what we’re going to sing and dance, right? ww

No weekend rest for the whole month, but it’s good to be busy sometimes! I got sick and yet I didn’t let that stop me.

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