Life Lately: August 2016

I got really busy that it took me a while to do this! Anyway, last August revolved around attending events, meeting with friends, and most importantly, FOOD. 

My little sister painted my nails!

otakuexpo2016 (2)

The day before Otaku Expo, my little sister decided to paint my nails out of the blue. She’s getting good at it, considering that she’s been watching me do it for years lol.

Went to Otaku Expo to watch Moonspeak (with Ririn) and had purikura with Chai.

otakuexpo2016 (4)

We weren’t able to perform as a dance unit at Otaku Expo, but we have a representative! Ririn joined Moonspeak as one of their vocalists. We borrowed a King Blade penlight to show our support. On our way out, we saw this Akatsuki (Naruto: Shippuuden) and One Piece bouquet. I would definitely want to receive something like this than flowers. ww

We decided to recharge (and leech Wi-Fi) at St. Marc’s Cafe before going to our next destination. I ordered a Matcha Latte and a Choco Banana Split Parfait. #cravingssatisfied

St Marc's (1)

We went to Robinsons Galleria afterwards to take a purikura. You can also visit Chai’s blog!

Ice cream on a rainy day!

I left the office early, but I ended up being stranded at Glorietta because of the rain. My officemate and I decided to pass time at Baskin Robins. Cotton Candy Wonderland is a MUST-TRY. The Mint Chocolate Chip flavor reminded of a similar taste and it took me hours to figure it out. It was that Dynamite mint candy! Idk if it’s still sold here, though.

A newly discovered treat.

I passed by the Weekend Gourmet fair at SM North on my way home and to my surprise, I saw stuffed cookies. I miss the taste so much that I bought a box immediately! Aren’t they delicious? You can order them from Chooey Juwi’s Desserts. They have a Facebook and Instagram account. (You’re welcome).

That’s pretty much it. I don’t remember anything significant that happened this month… or maybe I’m just getting old to remember. ww

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