Japan 2016 (Day 4): Shibuya Crossing + Theatre 1010 + Sailormoon Exhibit at Mori Tower, Roppongi Hills

We’ve been waking up early and tiring ourselves out for the past three days, so we decided to rest properly on our fourth day. We’ll be leaving our AirBNB as well, so it took us some time to pack. We left our luggage in a coin locker at Akihabara then ate our late lunch at Shibuya. We also dropped by Tokyo Skytree, Theatre 1010 (to buy Touken Ranbu stage play goods), and Mori Tower at Roppongi Hills for the Sailormoon Exhibit.

Shibuya Crossing and Hachiko Statue

We visited Shibuya again, hoping that it’s less crowded. Thanks to my friend’s aunt who’s working there, we were able to take good shots. ( ̄▽ ̄)笑


Hachiko’s statue was so crowded when we went there on our first day, so it’s a relief that we can finally take pictures!


Our original plan was to spend the afternoon at Starbucks and watch people by the window seat, but it was crowded (even on a weekday!). We ended up eating at the building behind it. I wasn’t that hungry, so I was able to resist their unlimited rice. ww

Expectation: Tokyo Skytree, Reality: Theatre 1010

We left Shibuya with plans to visit Tokyo Skytree, but we missed our train stop. The reason? We were both not paying attention. I was replying to tweets, while my friend was reading a novel (or was it a fanfiction?). OTL

The good thing about it is we were in the same line leading to Kita-Senju Station. We decided to buy Touken Ranbu stage play goods even if we weren’t able to buy a ticket for the show itself. During the general sale, the tickets were sold out in five to 10 minutes! Crazy.

I bought Sasaki Yoshihide’s bromide and a pamphlet. Before leaving the venue, one of the staff shouted that it’s almost showtime and we’re like fake sobbing at the corner because we won’t be able to watch. So near yet so far.

For directions on how to go to Theatre 1010, all you need is to look at the right side when getting off the station. There’s a sign, but it’s small and easy to miss. Look for the elevators and go up the 10th floor.

Sailormoon Exhibit at Mori Tower, Roppongi Hills

It was still raining in Tokyo, so we had difficulties keeping up with our schedule. We arrived at Roppongi Hills past 9 P.M. Fortunately, the exhibit is until 10 P.M. We won’t be able to enjoy the skyline view, but at least we made it.

I made a separate post about this exhibit because I took many photos. Oops.


This day was well-spent despite us, missing our train stops and getting drenched in rain. We won’t sleep in a proper bed, but I can’t wait to see what Osaka and Kyoto have in store for us the next day.

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