Life Lately: July 2016

Sooo, I finally decided to resume blogging about my daily/weekly activities. I love blogging, but it always comes to a point when I lose motivation because I find myself and my life… well, not so interesting. OTL

B-but let’s put that negativity aside! Here’s the first series of my life lately post. 

Got a new pair of eyeglasses

I had this feeling that my eyesight got worse and I wasn’t wrong. Both of my eyes used to have astigmatism only, and now they have a grade. I got a Giordano frame, which has a unique design. The front has a metallic feel, while the side has a plastic-like red color. It’s slim, so it’s incredibly lighter than my previous eyeglasses.

Went to the beach, beach

I love the beach. The sound of the waves and the horizon calms me down. It’s a nice feeling, especially for a city folk like me. Not to mention that fresh, salty air is actually good for your health.

It’s almost the rainy season, but that didn’t stop my co-workers and I from getting together at Crystal Beach Resort in Zambales. It’s popular for surfing, but since it was off-season, I wasn’t able to give it a try. Big waves, where are you?

Performed at an ACG event, and for a cause!

We were invited to perform at an event, which was organized by OTACON, along with Seiza and Mavilon. It has always been a nice experience to perform at different stages, and this one at Greenbelt 1 On-Stage will be memorable.

Here’s a video of our performance. You can find the others on our Facebook page. Thanks to Artipax for the photos!

otacon2016xSK (2)
otacon2016xSK (3)otacon2016xSK (4)
otacon2016xSK (1)otacon2016xSK (5)

I’m truly thankful that there are people attending events to see us perform (and bother us backstage lol). We have good friends. (ಥ⌣ಥ)


Had a sudden dinner date with our favorite Donna-ts

Cafe Shibuya (1)Cafe Shibuya (2)Cafe Shibuya (3)

A single tweet is all it takes to set a dinner date. www

Donna-ts (Yes, as in donuts. That’s the nickname we gave her.) and I both work at Makati. Well, up to this day at least. It was Friday, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to stay out late. We ordered a sharing of Mentaiko pasta and a large Chocolate and Strawberry Toast at Cafe Shibuya! She’s going to Japan in a few days, so I gave her some advice and we talked about her itinerary.

Had a sudden movie date with my little sister

movie date (1)

It’s one of those rare weekends that I’m at home and woke up earlier than usual. While I was eating breakfast, my little sister asked if we can watch Ice Age: Collision Course. We checked the schedule and found out that Alice Through the Looking Glass was still showing, as well.

I’m always out on a Saturday whenever we have a performance, so this has been a good opportunity to bond with my little sister. We watched both movies and had purikura in between. She’s almost taller than me. Why are first-borns so short? ww

Overall, this month has been pretty exciting. I spent a lot, though, but it’s worth the money. Here’s to hoping I can save up next month. ww

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