Cardcaptor Sakura x Animate Cafe Collaboration at Animate Ikebukuro

Cardcaptor Sakura x Animate Cafe

How lucky are we that our trip coincides with this collaboration cafe! We applied for the lottery (through e+) and won, so we’re up for a mahou shoujo early dinner at Ikebukuro

The Entry

If you’re planning to buy tickets online, make sure you pay using your account. This is because your name will be printed on the ticket (when you print it at Family Mart or any konbini). We almost got into trouble and weren’t allowed to enter because it was my friend’s aunt who paid the tickets. The staff was so kind to let us in. Lesson learned. (>_<)

You’ll receive a key upon entry, which serves as your table number and what you will surrender when checking out. It’s so pretty, I wish they allowed us to keep it. ww

The Menu and Food

If you can’t read the menu, they’ll give you an English translation. All you need is to ask. They only have one copy, so you can have the menu to yourself if there aren’t other foreign customers.


We ordered Kinomoto Family’s Lunch Box for Sports Festival, Release! Magical Keema Curry, Eriol’s Iced Tea, and Kero-chan’s Hot Orange Cocoa. You get a free paper coaster for each order (check the bottom-right part of the menu). Have you noticed the table? It’s like a CCS card game!


The Display

After eating, we roamed around to take pictures. There were areas where we weren’t allowed to take pictures. Oh, before I forget to mention. You’re not allowed to take any form of audio or video recording at the cafe. Only photos are allowed. No touching of the displays, as well.


Even if you weren’t able to buy anything from the pop-up shop, you can still take home these limited edition goods. (For those who bought their tickets online.)


Animate Cafe (all branches) collaborates with a number of anime and games, so be on the lookout if you’re visiting Japan. All you need is to find a friend or a relative who can buy and pay the tickets for you beforehand.

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