Japan 2016 (Day 2): Ashikaga Flower Park + Odaiba (Gundam) + Tokyo Tower

Ashikaga Flower Park

It’s the second day of our MNL to 東京 ♡ trip, but the itinerary we have for this morning is going to another prefecture. Haha. We went to Tochigi to visit Ashikaga Flower Park and then went back to Tokyo to do more sightseeing! 

Ashikaga Flower Park

Due to the stageplay hype, we ended up sleeping and waking up late. We missed the first Tohoku Shinkansen trip that morning, so we had to wait for at least an hour for the next train. OTL

I told my friend that the destination doesn’t matter as long as we’re able to experience riding the bullet train. We rode the Series E5!

When we arrived at Oyama, we waited again for an hour for the local train. Huhu. Lesson learned: Stick to the schedule to avoid wasting time.

JR Ryomo Line

Upon arriving at Tomita Station, we followed the crowd. It was a 15-minute walk to Ashikaga Flower Park, but don’t worry about getting lost if there’s no crowd to follow because there are signs everywhere. Most of the pedestrian crossings have road officers, as well.

We’ve finally arrived. Apart from the wisteria, there were roses, petunia, and all sorts of flowers.

Ashikaga Flower ParkAshikaga Flower ParkAshikaga Flower ParkAshikaga Flower ParkAshikaga Flower ParkAshikaga Flower ParkAshikaga Flower ParkAshikaga Flower ParkAshikaga Flower ParkAshikaga Flower Park

If you get tired, there are many chairs and tables around the area. In addition, you can cool down with their delicious wisteria ice cream. It’s truly a must-try!

Ashikaga Flower ParkAshikaga Flower Park

When people think of spring in Japan, most would associate it with the sakura season. Unfortunately, cherry blossoms bloom only for a short while. We weren’t lucky enough to see this country filled with pink petals, but at least we were still able to witness the beauty of flowers during this season.

Odaiba (Gundam) + Tokyo Tower

We left Ashikaga at 11:30 A.M. and ate lunch inside the shinkansen on our way back to Tokyo. We visited JUMP Shop at Tokyo Station and bought Jump-Ryu! magazines (more Haikyuu!! goodies ww), while waiting for a friend to arrive. The three of us went to Odaiba to see the giant Gundam.

Gundam at Odaiba

We decided to visit Tokyo Tower in the late afternoon because we want to see Tokyo’s skyline both in day and night. Afterwards, we visited the One Piece cafe and store. We ate at the food court, though, because we were craving for donburi.

Tokyo Tower

There’s a look-down window where you can see how high you are. (Not good for those who are afraid of heights!) It’s better viewed during the day, though.

Tokyo TowerTokyo Tower One PieceTokyo Tower One Piece

We wanted to visit Ginza, but we didn’t push through because it was 9 P.M. already and shops are almost closing. OTL

Another day of sightseeing worth waking up early. My body gave up with all the walks and train rides that I fell asleep the moment I lied down on the futon lol. There’s a weather forecast that it will rain in the afternoon the next day. Let’s hope it won’t ruin our itinerary! ww

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