[Review] Cospray Haircolor

Cospray Haircolor

I love coloring my hair brown, but of course I don’t want to limit myself to that color alone. I’ve always wanted to try other colors. It’s just that I don’t want to disappoint myself by spending money (FYI: I don’t color my hair.) on a hair color I’m clueless about. What if it won’t look good on me? I have to wear that hair color for at least three months.

Good thing, temporary color hair sprays are here to the rescue. I’ve heard of them years ago, but I don’t know where to get one. I guess the rising popularity of cosplay in the country is making them more prominent than before. And this has led me to Cospray Haircolor

Cospray Haircolor

I bought a bottle and got my hair colored for free at Cospray’s booth at Cosplay Carnival 2016 two weeks ago. I went there to meet their cosplay guest who I have been following since last year, and lucky me to get a chance to meet them!

What I Like About Cospray Haircolor

1. It’s effective on any hair type, even wigs. It works regardless if you have colored or natural (black) hair. In my case, I have semi-dry hair because I color it at least three times a year. Here’s a comparison:

[BEFORE] I used a photo with my friend, Chai, for you to see how brown my hair is. ww


[AFTER] With my friend, Donna, who colored her hair blue. Taking selfies in lowlight is difficult because photos become grainy. Huhu.


2. It’s available in different colors → red, blue, pink, violet, gold, and silver. I hope they release more colors, though, especially brown and black. Their gold works to hide roots for people with brown hair like me, but it’s kind of shiny and obvious when you put too much. Why black? When you need to hide hair highlights or cosplay black-haired characters, of course.

3. The color lasts until you wash your hair. This depends on how much you sweat or touch your hair. After 12 hours (when I got home) and 24 hours (until the next day), the brightness of the color faded, but it’s still evident. When I washed my hair, it was like a blood bath lol.

4. It has a two-year expiration date. Depending on how much you use it, it can last until the expiry date. Don’t forget to shake it before spraying, though, so clogs won’t form.

5. It doesn’t have a strong foul smell. Hair sprays are known to smell, but this one doesn’t. Probably because it’s water-based? Maybe.

Important Reminders

While Cospray Haircolor is a great product, you should still remember some things before and after spraying it on your hair:

  1. You need at least two to five minutes to let it dry completely. It’s water-based, so droplets may form on your hair. Make sure you give it some distance before spraying.
  2. It’s a hairspray. Your hair will become stiff, of course. Make sure you style it before spraying. Ask a friend to help you or use hair clips to put your hair in place.
  3. Never let your hands wet (if you have sweaty hands, please take note!). The color sticks on your hand and is more difficult to remove compared to touching your hair with dry hands. This was the mistake I did. I was washing my hands and had to brush my bangs to the side afterward without drying my fingers completely. OTL
  4. It may or may not stain clothes. I think it depends on the fabric (?). I was able to remove the stain on the sleeves of my knitted top when we went to the ladies’ room. My friend, however, had a difficult time removing the color on her white-colored silk fabric blouse.
  5. It’s dermatologist-tested, but may still cause an allergic reaction. Before spraying it on your hair, make sure you do a test on your wrist. Wait for five to 10 minutes. If your skin doesn’t feel itchy or turn red, then you’re good.

That’s it for the review. I hope you find these info helpful. For more information about Cospray Haircolor, visit their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Cospray/).

Disclaimer: This isn’t a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

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