Seishun Kakumei Performs at Otaku Expo 2016

Otaku Expo 2016 Seishun Kakumei

I promised myself that I’ll start writing about my dance cover group activities this 2016. We’ve been together for four years and I’m only doing this now. 笑

We were invited to perform at the first anime convention of the year, Otaku Expo 2016, which was held at SM Megamall’s Megatrade Center.

The show must go on regardless of what happens, yes?

Otaku Expo 2016 Seishun Kakumei

We were given a 30-minute slot and was planning to perform two dance numbers with an MC in between. Unfortunately, one of our members got sick, so we decided to change the lineup. When will we ever be 100% prepared for a performance I wonder lol.

We performed the following:

It was my first time singing in public, so I’m sorry if ever I wasn’t able to meet your expectations. I did my best to sound like Kotori. ww

When the hunt for a black face mask turns into something else…

After our performance, we decided to roam around. I didn’t have enough money with me, which is good because I wasn’t planning to spend on anything anyway… or so I thought.

I was able to resist buying a Cardcaptor Sakura wallet, a Sailormoon bag, and a Sailormoon T-shirt yet when I came across a shop with an Oikawa Tooru (Haikyuu!!) nendroid, I don’t know what happened next. I’ve always liked Oikawa’s winking face, but to the point that it made me buy… now I’m scared.

All in all, it was a good start. It’s only January, but we have many things planned. Please continue to support us. m(_ _)m

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