Strike a Pose! New Purikura Booths at Kidzoonia, Fairview Terraces

Kidzoonia Purikura

Remember when I said that I’m willing to visit Makati for that single purikura booth they had in Timezone? Guess what. Not one, but four purikura booths are now within my reach. When I heard the news from a friend (and from Kawaii PH), I took the opportunity when my mom and little sister were in the mood to go to the mall. 

The Location

The new purikura booths are located inside Kidzoonia, the children’s play area one floor below the cinemas at Fairview Terraces. Here’s a short background about the folks responsible for bringing them to the PH:

AEON Fantasy Group Philippines Inc. was incorporated in April 2014 and is a Japan-based company specializing in the operation of entertainment facilities in shopping centres operated by the AEON Group and other developers.

In November 2014, AEON Fantasy Group Philippines Inc. opened our first indoor amusement business under the name “KIDZOOONA” which was located inside Robinsons Galleria mall in Ortigas, Quezon City. The concept of the indoor playground was to provide an alternative entertaining environment suitable for both children and their families.

I think this works well in the Philippines because most people would rather prefer spending time inside the mall than going out and face the scorching sun. OTL

Kidzoonia PurikuraKidzoonia PurikuraKidzoonia Purikura

Let’s Take a Picture

Out of the four booths, my little sister and I were only able to try two — Me Her Jyoshi and Silky (because of Triendl Reina) — because mom was hungry and in a hurry.

The price is 200php and you can buy the tokens at the cashier before entering the Kidzoonia play area. There’s a mirror where you can retouch and fix yourself before going inside the booths, as well.

It has been a while since I last decorated a purikura, so we took longer than expected. Not to mention, I also had to teach my little sister how it works. (≧.≦*)

If anybody’s wondering, I recently cut my hair short for a performance that we did at Cosplay Mania 2015. I’m channeling my inner Rippi here. ww

I had so much fun. I wish Kidzoonia will open other branches (SM North or Trinoma, please!!) with purikura booths, so I can take photos with my friends. If you’re near the area, don’t miss the chance to try them out. There are cases when purikura booths disappear because of the lack of people using them. Huhu. Need directions to Fairview Terraces? Feel free to drop a comment. ww

Thank you, AEON Fantasy Group Philippines, for bringing back purikura. (๑→‿ฺ←๑)

Update #1: Here’s how you can save HQ photos of your purikura!
Update #2: One of the purikura booths was moved to Kidzoonia, Robinson’s Galleria. (As of Aug 2016)
Update #3: This is not confirmed yet, but I’ve been hearing rumors that the purikura at Robinson’s Galleria has been removed. Oh no. (As of Mar 2017)
Update #4: The 3 booths are still there at Fairview Terraces! (As of Apr 2017)

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  1. Thank you for your post now I know that this place allows non-children to enter ww and you guys look cute in the photo!!

    also,omg thank you so much for mentioning that kidzoonia is part of AEON group’s project haha I really do hope they bring other machines to the ph (AND TO MALLS IN THE SOUTH ///TEARS)

    also other music arcade machines ;A; m-mollyfantasy qq

    1. Thank you for reading (and saying that we’re cute www)!

      The front area of Kidzoonia has token-operated kiddy rides and purikura booths. And yes, even non-children can enter because the entrance to the main play area is at the middle where the cashiers are.

      I think AEON will do bring more in the future like their other branches overseas if this one (along with its other branches) succeeds. Let’s wait and see. ww

    1. It’s indeed popular among Japanese culture fans here in the PH. In fact, I have friends who also love purikura after I introduced it to them. Sadly, most booths are getting pulled out (probably because only a few use it). These purikura booths at FT are the most decent ones we have at present. Huhu.

  2. Wow! Finally! Purikura is back in the PH! Can’t wait till I go there and try it. I’m wondering if is it possible to transfer purikura photos to mobile phones (like android or iphone)? If so, how?

    1. The picture is 200! I’m not sure if they discounted the price because when they moved one of the booths to Robinson’s Galleria, the price became 150.

      There’s no entrance fee to the area where Kidzoonia keeps the purikura booths. (~_^)/

      Thanks for reading! <3