[Review] Kawaii PH Store x Mad Tee Party

kawaii ph store

For a change, I’m going to do a shop review! Haven’t written one on this blog, so I hope this helps you decide whether you should buy from Kawaii PH Store’s Mad Tee Party or not. 

Kawaii PH Store x Mad Tee Party

Kawaii PH Store is owned and managed by the Kawaii PH community. What I love about being part of them is that we don’t only like all things cute (or Japanese culture in general), but also promote a goal — to empower people that being yourself is the best thing of all. One of their brands, Mad Tee Party, specializes in creative silk screen prints on shirts and bags.

kawaii ph store

Their Instagram account shares fashion coordinates (how to match your Mad Tee Party shirt) and posts from happy customers. They also have a Facebook page to keep you updated of new releases.

The Ordering Process

Visit Kawaii PH Store, scroll down to their brands, and click on Mad Tee Party. You’ll be directed to a page full of T-shirt designs by Chichi Romero, more commonly known as Little Miss Paintbrush on Tumblr.

Click the shirt that you like to see the price and available sizes. The only thing I could comment here is that I think the site needs to be more specific on the sizes (height and width of the T-shirt in cm or something like that).

T-shirt sizes differ. I’m an XS in one brand, while I’m a medium on the other. It’s a good idea to inquire before making an order, but wouldn’t that make the buying process slower? I’m just trying to help. ww

In my case, I already know that I’m an XS because I bought a Stay Weird shirt during their School of Kawaii workshop.

EDIT: Oh, wait. I found a T-shirt guide on their Instagram!

kawaii ph store

Moving on, after clicking submit, the site will direct you to your Shopping Cart. Enter the necessary information and you’re done! You’ll receive an e-mail within 24 hours for additional instructions. Orders arrive a week after you made the payment.

What I like most about their shop is that they’re willing to take special orders. For example, the Crazy Cat Lady shirt that I bought was originally in yellow paint. Under special instructions, I requested the paint to be black.

Order Arrival

My orders did arrive a week after I made my payment, and a double thumbs up for their smart packaging!

I got my Kawaii Kawaii Kawaii shirt in a pasta-like box during TamaCon 2015, but I’ve never thought that they have something more up on their sleeve. I found out that they shipped orders in a pizza box and frozen food-like packaging, too. As for me, the shirts I got (my first time ordering online) were in a burrito packaging.

What’s more is that I received a handwritten letter and free stickers from them. Such sweet ladies. (°◡°♡).:。

What more can I say? I rarely order online because I’m skeptic about scams, but the transaction was safe and smooth that I wouldn’t mind ordering another shirt from them. If you think that their shirt prices are costly, you can wait for their promos like what I did.

That’s all for my review. Thank you for reading! ⁽⁽◝( •௰• )◜⁾⁾

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