When in Singapore (Part 3 of 3): Live Spectacle Naruto at Resorts World Theatre Singapore

Resorts World Theatre Live Spectacle Naruto

The third and final day of our tour… and it’s raining cats and dogs. We were late (about 10 minutes) for the show because no cab was willing to take us to Sentosa. OTL 

Live Spectacle Naruto Stage Play Report

Resorts World Theatre Live Spectacle Naruto

Live Spectacle Naruto took place at Resorts World Theatre Singapore. My seat is in the fourth-row center, nearest to the stage. We wanted to book the 1st row, but it’s too close to the stage that you have to watch while tilting your head.

Anyway, the main reason I flew all the way to Singapore is to watch Suga Kenta on stage as Gaara. You know that feeling when your favorite actors play the role of your favorite anime characters, right? If you’re not familiar with the cast, you can visit Naruto Wikia.

The stage was awesome. They made good use of every space and even built another floor. They used a projector to change the background, as well. About the “subtitles,” they had two screens on the side showing the translation. If you have zero knowledge in Nihongo, then the best seats would be in the V.I.P. section and the back area.

The character introductions were cool (see video above), and what caught me most is Sakura’s stage actress (Yui Ito). Surprisingly, I approve of the moe. She was so cuteeeeee, especially her portrayal of inner Sakura. Shannaroooo!

I don’t know if they did voice training, but some of them almost sound similar to their anime characters. Special mention to Orochimaru (Yuumi Hiro) for being blessed with an awesome voice. She was awesome. Stop complaining that the role was played by a woman, please.

In terms of the story, they were faithful to it — about 90%. It’s sad that there’s no Team 10 (I want to see Neji alive, okay.) because they had to change some parts. Not that I’m saying it’s a bad thing, but watching the scenes felt different. For example, the mission to rescue and recover Sasuke. Everybody participated and instead of Kimimaro, Naruto and Gaara fought Kabuto.

Thought you can’t climb walls? See how Kabuto did with the trampoline (See video above). That’s also what Naruto and Sasuke did during their training at the forest.

[Note: The videos did not do justice to how awesome the play is. Most of the effects weren’t visible, so don’t be like those people who commented that the play was bad. You have to see it for yourself, really.]

The biggest change (or should I say, skip) was when Sakura thought that Sasuke died during the arc with Haku and Momochi Zabuza, Orochimaru appeared. Instead of needles, Sasuke was feeling pain because of the cursed seal. Not much focus on the Chunin Exam, though. (´;︵;`)

As they’re doing the stage play overseas, they added random English dialogues like Jiraiya’s “Oh my god. My nose is bleeding!” Chouji and Shikamaru had a random English conversation, too. I can’t remember what exactly they said, but it goes something like “Chouji, do you love food?” “Yes, I love meat.” Haha.

The play wouldn’t be as awesome if it weren’t for the ensemble — Aoki Jin, Chinen Saya, Kirayama Hikaru, Kuramoto Hiraku, Masamune Yuuta, Takahashi Rio, and Tonoshiro Yuuma — and their amazing acts. Give them some love, too!

And one more thing, Haku’s stage actress (Imamura Miho) did two extra roles — Konohamaru’s friend and young Sasuke. Chinen Saya portrayed young Naruto and Konohamaru. I bet it’s because they’re the smallest in the cast. ww

Let’s talk about their abilities. Most of them relied on the projector, but some used additional props to make their techniques more realistic.

  • Naruto’s Rasengan was all projected, but they made an effort on the Nine-tailed Fox form. (See backstage photos below)
  • Apart from the projector’s lightning effects, Sasuke (Sato Ryuji) and Kakashi (Kimisawa Yuuki) had this blue light on their hand when doing Chidori.
  • As for Gaara (Suga Kenta), he waved around a brown cloth and used it for his Sand Sphere.
  • Choji (Kato Ryo)’s Baika no Jutsu was among my favorites. They threw a giant inflatable ball to the audience and let everyone pass it around.
  • Kiba (Iiyama Yuta) had Akamaru (a stuffed toy ww) in his jacket for the entire play, but did Juujin Bunshin with one of the members of the ensemble.
  • Shikamaru (Tsubasa Hattori)’s Shadow Imitation Technique was pretty clever. A member of the ensemble dressed himself in all black (to be the shadow) and stood in front of Shikamaru. He was lying on the floor, let Shikamaru step on his body stocking, and then crawled forward. It was funny seeing it in person. www
  • Nothing grand about Ino (Anju Inami), Hinata (Takahashi Saki), and Shino (Shinichiro Ueda) because they relied solely on the projector, but of course, their techniques were well-executed.

After the program, the cast sang the chorus of 光追いかけて(Hikari Oikakete) by FLOW. Koudai Matsuoka (Naruto) and Suga Kenta (Gaara) had solo lines! I was fangirling the whole time because Suga Kenta went forward. I got a special wave because I’m shameless I was among the first people to wave in front, while everybody was busy clapping their hands. ww

Live Spectacle Naruto Stage Play Goods

I was hyped because I wanted to buy a T-shirt and a clearfile, but the World Tour goods were limited to program books, posters, and photo sets only. Huhu. Good thing, they provided a translation booklet for those who don’t understand Japanese.

(The preview photos are black & white out of respect for those who bought the program book.)

All in all, my trip to Singapore was worth it. The tour was fun and the stage play exceeded my expectations. I’m more into musicals, but I guess this marks the start of me, watching more stage plays in the future. Maybe in Japan, maybe somewhere in Asia. We’ll see.

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