When in Singapore (Part 1 of 3): City Tour

One Fullerton Road Merlion

Finally, Singapore! I’ve always wanted to visit since 2012, but many events took place in Hong Kong that we had to put my visit aside until our funds permit. My reason for traveling? To watch Live Spectacle Naruto (stage play) at Resorts World Theatre, but let’s put that in a separate post. 笑

For the first time, I joined a tour with the help of Asiatravel.com. I’m not used to it, but I thought it will be a good experience not planning my itinerary. It was a bit uncomfortable, especially when the week started, because I feel restless not knowing what to expect. I like to challenge myself anyway, so bring it on.

First Stop: Little India

Our first stop was Little India because it’s nearest to our hotel. We roamed to different shops and saw many figurines and jewelry. I wasn’t able to try any food, though.

Little India SingaporeLittle India SingaporeLittle India Singapore

The man with the hat is Mr. Zion, an associate professor of the School of Global Studies at Tama University in Kanagawa, Japan. He’s with us during the tour and he was so nice.

Little India SingaporeLittle India Singapore

Fullerton Road + The Merlion

Next stop is One Fullerton Road. We had a great view of the sea and of course, the Merlion itself. We weren’t able to visit Marina Bay or the Singapore Flyer (that giant ferris wheel), but I’ll make sure to go next time I visit the country.

One Fullerton Road Marina BayOne Fullerton RoadOne Fullerton RoadOne Fullerton Road Merlion

Souvenir Shopping at Chinatown

Our next stop is Chinatown. This was supposed to be the last stop, but our tour guide said that it’s better to do our shopping now until late afternoon. We saw good bargains, like three items for 10 SGD. I was able to buy souvenirs even on a whim. Yay!

Chinatown SingaporeChinatown Singapore

We saw a taiyaki store! What’s interesting about them is that they’re offering mochi (Japanese rice cake) and croissant taiyaki. I tried the Japanese Azuki Beans for 3 SGD and it’s not a bad combination at all. It was delicious.

Chinatown SingaporeChinatown SingaporeChinatown Singapore

Stones and Metals

We had a short visit to Singapore Gems & Metals Co. LTD before going to our last stop. We saw many precious metals and artworks, and most of them are for sale.

Singapore Gems and Metals CoSingapore Gems and Metals CoSingapore Gems and Metals Co

Skyline 360-degree View

Our last stop (and definitely my favorite) is 1-Altitude. I know the place because I’ve been writing for Singapore clients, but I didn’t expect to visit the actual gallery and bar. Wow. Located on the rooftop (63rd floor), it’s open for tourists who want a 360-degree view of Singapore. It’s a good chance for a panorama shot, too.

Altitude SingaporeAltitude Singapore panoramaAltitude Singapore

Altitude Singapore

That wraps up my first day in Singapore. I didn’t expect to have so much fun. In fact, we roamed the city again after our shuttle gave us a ride back to our hotel. It feels good to travel again! Oh, how I miss the thrill and excitement.

Tomorrow, we’re headed to Universal Studios Singapore. Let’s goooo!

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