School of Kawaii: Complete the Kawaii Look by Kawaii PH

Kawaii PH The School of Kawaii Workshop (2nd)

Kawaii PH has brought yet another exciting event to kawaii and Japanese culture enthusiasts with The School of Kawaii, a series of workshops aimed to support The Kawaii Fund. In partnership with The Bunny Baker Cafe, these three-hour workshops don’t simply give you something new to learn; you’re contributing for a cause.

I attended the second workshop, Complete the Kawaii Look, yesterday with two of my friends (including a guardian ww). The fee is 1,500php, which I find reasonable because we have three speakers (teachers), delicious food, and freebies. A pop-up booth is also available if you want to buy items from the Kawaii PH Store

Kawaii PH The School of Kawaii Workshop (2nd)Kawaii PH Pop-up Booth

The Bunny Baker Cafe

This cafe lives up to the #cutestcafe hashtag. Apart from the pretty cakes, they’ve come up with unique flavors for their Italian ice cream. I got to taste their milk tea-flavored gelato and it was soooo good. Their cupcakes and macaroons are the cutest, too.

School of KawaiiSchool of Kawaii

Styling Workshop with Ashley Dy

Ashley Dy is the lovely, fashionable lady behind She’s in the PH right now, so I thought I shouldn’t miss the chance to say hi. (ノ≧∀≦)ノ キャーキャー

School of Kawaii

We started with an icebreaker and did some poses in front of the mirror provided. There was the peace, sleeping, and hide-my-chubby-cheeks pose (which I often do). The workshop involved a talk about the different types of magazines in Japan, common Japanese clothing trends, and how you can apply Japanese fashion even if you’re living in a tropical country. She also gave us advice to maximize what we have. You don’t need to buy lots of clothes, you just need to find a way to make them all work out.

School of Kawaii

Afterwards, we had a group discussion. There were four of us around the table, along with a new found friend who said that she have seen us perform at Kawaii in Manila 2 (thank you!),  and we talked about how we buy our clothes. We presented our ideas and happen to touch on the subject of self-esteem. As a Japanese fashion enthusiast, it’s indeed difficult to convince people that you’re not cosplaying or trying to be a K-pop star. It’s fashion. Just that.

Make-up Tutorial Session with Chai Mungcal

Chai Mungcal is the kawaii blogger and photographer behind I’ve known her blog for a year, but I only met her personally last March at Tamashii Convention. (Hi, Chai-sensei. No pressure. (~‾⌣‾)~)

School of Kawaii

The tutorial started with an introduction on how she got into make-up. It was inspiring because she noted that even though people say that beauty is skin deep, most people judge you on your appearance. So true. She also noted that many make-up workshops today use models who have smooth skin, which kind of defeats the purpose because you’re there to learn how to cover skin imperfections and make you look good.

School of Kawaii School of Kawaii

As someone who doesn’t wear make-up at all, I learned a lot. From the eyebrow ratio to the right way of applying blush-on, at least I’m not clueless anymore. ww

Photography Lessons with Anne Pinero

Anne Pinero is the sophisticated co-founder of Kawaii PH and the visual designer and photographer behind I respect Anne because of her works. Seriously, check out her portfolio. ♪(┌・。・)┌

We listened to her lesson while eating lunch because we were pressed for time. She handed out a cheat sheet and discussed the basics of photography. Some of us have DSLRs, while others have mirrorless and digital cameras. I’m amazed at how she was able to accommodate our needs. Anyways, we covered different topics like what ISO, exposure, and white balance to use for indoors, OOTDs, and even when taking photos of fireworks.

School of Kawaii School of Kawaii School of Kawaii

We were given time to apply what we learned, then she roamed around to see how we did. And yes, I got a good job. ww

The End of the 2nd Workshop

After the workshop, they held a raffle and gave a prize to the best dressed. The funny thing is when they announced that the raffle prize is a pair of socks, I told my friends that I have the same pair… then got I called. I don’t know what happened either.

I bought Mad Tee Party’s Stay Weird shirt and Ashley’s Sailor Mercury socks (I wanted to buy more socks!! OTL).

School of Kawaii

As expected of Kawaii PH, the workshop was fun and worth every second of my time. I was able to meet awesome people and learn new things. If they’ll announce another workshop soon, you shouldn’t miss the chance. You’ll enjoy as much as I did.

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