Miao Cat Cafe: The Purr-fect Place to Be

Miao Cat Cafe

Cat haven? Cat paradise? You name it. Everything applies if we talk about Miao Cat Cafe. Located at Congressional Avenue, this cat cafe is the place to be for cat lovers!

Directions, Directions

We took a cab at Trinoma to Mindanao Ave. and looked for the landmarks that Miao Cat Cafe noted on their Facebook page — Cake2Go and MidCon Apartelle. There are no signs outside the building, but don’t worry about getting lost. MidCon Apartelle is easy to spot even while driving along Mindanao Ave.

Look for the entrance beside Cake2Go and head upstairs to visit Miao Cat Cafe.

Remember to book a reservation, though. Miao Cat Cafe is a schedule-basis type of cafe. They need an hour to clean up and make sure that the cats are well-rested. They allow walk-ins, but only after 30 minutes when the people who reserved didn’t show up. The place is small, so they can only accommodate up to 15 customers per schedule.

Update: According to Miao Cat Cafe, they’re expanding and wishes for everyone to be patient while the renovation is on-going. (At least that answered my question why there’s a construction next door when we visited.)

The Rules

Before entering, you have to remove your shoes and wear the slippers they’ll provide. There are also house rules that you need to follow (quoted from their display):

  • Please disinfect before playing with us.
  • Please don’t pick us up.
  • No poking our faces, pulling our tails, and whiskers pinching.
  • Do not feed us with your human food.
  • Take plenty of pictures, but please no flashes.
  • Do not wake us up when we’re sleeping or play with us when we’re eating.
  • We also prefer your soft voices.
  • Now give me that love and affection.

The Food

The fee is 300php for adults and 150php for children, all inclusive of food and drinks. You can choose anything from their menu. They have rice, pasta, sweets, caffeinated drinks, bottomless iced tea or lemonade, and many more.

Miao Cat Cafe Miao Cat Cafe

The Lovely Cats

Now, for the main attraction. The lovely cats of Miao Cat Cafe! Oh, if you don’t know their names then you can simply look at their display for reference.

Miao Cat CafeMiao Cat CafeMiao Cat Cafe Miao Cat Cafe

My favorite is Slinky, the munchkin cat. Let me quote Agnes of Despicable Me by saying, “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!”

Miao Cat Cafe Miao Cat Cafe Miao Cat Cafe

They also have an outdoor space for guests and of course, our feline friends.

Miao Cat Cafe

Our two hours of stay was definitely worth it. As the first cat cafe in the metro, they really did a good job at everything. From the cats to the ambiance, I’m giving them a two thumbs-up.

About Miao Cat Cafe:

Address: #7 Congressional, Quezon City, Philippines
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday at 11am-1pm, 2pm-4pm, 5pm-7pm, and 8pm-10pm
Fee: 300php (adult) and 150php (children) with food and drinks for 2 hours
Telephone: 022747937 / 09258777617
E-mail: miaocatcafe@yahoo.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/miaocatcafe/

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    1. I don’t know yet, but I prefer going on Saturday mornings or any weekday because the cafe is less crowded during that time. We should start planning our cafe hoping bonding soon! When are you free?