Start Blogging! Here’s an Ameblo Tutorial for You


Ameba (アメーバ), also known as Ameblo, is a popular Japanese blogging website. Japanese and non-Japanese netizens alike join the site because of its cool and cute features, such as the kaomoji (^o^)/ and animated gifs like these:  

Account Set-up

Making an account is easy! Simply go to and click the orange box with the words (Member I.D.) アメーバID. Enter the necessary information and you’re done.

Ameblo MyPage

Around 2012, Ameblo changed their homepage. For old users, you must be wondering “Where did all the tabs go!?” Don’t worry. It’s in the new dropdown feature. Here’s a labeled screencap of the new Ameblo homepage called MyPage. (Click the image for higher resolution.)


How to Make a Blog Post

The screencap is self-explanatory. The “Theme” works like a blog tag. Most users keep it as it is, while some add new themes depending on what they write.

“Member Only Post” means only your friends (the people you added to your member list) can view your entry, while a “Public Post” means everyone (with or without an account) can view your entry.


How to Add Friends (Members)

The Ameblo Profile Page looks like this. The upper right shows the entries you wrote, two free spaces where you can put anything, the users who added you as a member, and the users you are following.


To add a friend to your member list, you must go to a user’s blog or profile page. Click the blue speech balloon with the letter ア (アメンバーになる – Become a member).


After clicking アメンバーになる, you need to enter the captcha and click the green box. Three options will then show up:

  • あなたは既に「NAME」さんのアメンバーです。 You are friends with “NAME” already. Meaning, the specific user is already on your list.
  • アメンバーの申請をしました。 You are now a member. Meaning, you are now following this person. The user has the option to add you back or not. If you will see a list of users below it, that means the user allows anyone to follow him/her without approving their request.
  • アメンバー受付はしていません。 The user doesn’t accept members. You can’t be a member of this user no matter how much you try to add him/her.


When users add you to their member list, you can always add them back. To do that, you need to click the アメンバーの承認 Member List option (See Dropdown). You either “Accept” or “Decline” their requests.

How to Add a Profile Picture

To add or change your default photo, click プロフィール画像 Profile Pic (See Dropdown). Choose a file, enter a title, and upload.


How to Change Your Layout

To change your layout, click デザインの変更 Blog Design (See Dropdown). Ameblo will then give you a set of layouts. Click anything you like and it will open a new tab for the preview.

There are three sections: Ameblo Tie-Up, Pigg, and Osusume (Recommended). Simply scroll down and you will see a category list for more specific layouts. If you know HTML, you can customize a few parts of your layout like the header, etc.

Ameblo Ameblo

After clicking your desired layout, it will look like the image below. Choose where you want to place the sidebars. Clicking the button on the right will save the layout, while clicking the button on the left closes the preview.


So, that’s basically it. For starters, these are all the information you need. Of course, try out things for yourself. You’ll find lots of things to do when you’re used to Ameblo.

Thank you for reading! If you want to add me, feel free to do so (even if I don’t update anymore lol) konbantokyoのブログ o(●´ω`●)oわくわく♪

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