From Indonesia to Japan to the Philippines: An MNL Food Adventure with Andez

Gerry's Jeepney

Thanks to the Internet, it’s now easier to make friends even if you’re not from the same country. While some people are so negative about it, it’s not a scary thing if you know how to be extra careful. If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll find that it’s actually fun to introduce your culture to other people.

This time, I got surprised by Andez! He said he’ll be visiting Manila and Cebu, so we decided to tour him (and his friend, Jin) around and let them try as many Filipino food as they can.

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Life Lately: August 2017

Seishun Kakumei rehearsals

I have nothing much to share this month. Why? If I were to put the things that made me happy recently—about my idol, seiyuu, and stageplay fandoms to be exact—in this post, they’ll occupy about 80% of this month’s Life Lately series. ww

Anyway, there are three highlights for this August: food, rehearsals, and a friend from Indonesia (who’s now working in Japan) visiting the PH.

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From Singapore to Manila: A Touristy Weekend with Sakichi [1/2]

The National Museum of the Philippines

Before Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram became popular, my only source of J-updates was Livejournal. I don’t use it as often anymore, but I still kept the friends I met there. The thought of meeting online friends from another country excites me. I met one when we went to Hong Kong and I wished for it to happen again, and it did.

Saki has been planning to visit the PH to meet us, but that didn’t happen until she graduated university. I wasn’t able to meet her when I went to SG either, so this is a great chance for us to spend some quality time.

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