Life Lately: June 2017

Moshi Koshi Eton Tower Makati

I’ve been quite busy (mainly because of my Japan trip) to a point that I ignored many things in the past few months, but I think I’ve caught up! Yay, self. This also marks my first life lately post since moving to a new domain.

For this month, I spent most weekends attending dance rehearsals and playing with my friend’s pets. I also went to the beach with my workmates for our company outing! As for my weekdays, everything’s the usual except that afternoon I had an audio/video call from Ririn after she watched the Naruto stage play in Singapore. ww

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A Visit to the Touken Ranbu Honmaru-Haku Exhibit at Grand Front Osaka

Touken Ranbu Honmaru-Haku

To celebrate the first episode of Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu, I’m making this blog post to spam you with photos that I took when we went to the Touken Ranbu Honmaru-Haku Exhibit at Grand Front Osaka. The exhibit featured character designs and storyboards from the anime, different visuals from the stage play, and even the costumes worn by the musical’s cast. All in all, I took 280+ photos in two hours and that wasn’t enough tbh.

Warning: This post is image heavy. I compressed the photos, so they can load faster both in PC and mobile. Enjoy!

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