From Singapore to Manila: A Touristy Weekend with Sakichi [1/2]

The National Museum of the Philippines

Before Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram became popular, my only source of J-updates was Livejournal. I don’t use it as often anymore, but I still kept the friends I met there. The thought of meeting online friends from another country excites me. I met one when we went to Hong Kong and I wished for it to happen again, and it did.

Saki has been planning to visit the PH to meet us, but that didn’t happen until she graduated university. I wasn’t able to meet her when I went to SG either, so this is a great chance for us to spend some quality time.

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Life Lately: July 2017

Yuujou Shangri-La Exhibit

We’re past the half of 2017, can you believe it? In a month, it’ll be the start of the -ber months and the next thing we know, we’re welcoming the new year. Time sure flies fast. I have to start ticking more boxes on my to-do list for this year (like taking the JLPT and preparing to study again *cough*). Good luck, self.

Nothing much for this month except the usual rehearsals, meetup with friends, having a visitor from Singapore, and food. I can’t believe I’m such a tourist in my own city. ww

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Life Lately: June 2017

Moshi Koshi Eton Tower Makati

I’ve been quite busy (mainly because of my Japan trip) to a point that I ignored many things in the past few months, but I think I’ve caught up! Yay, self. This also marks my first life lately post since moving to a new domain.

For this month, I spent most weekends attending dance rehearsals and playing with my friend’s pets. I also went to the beach with my workmates for our company outing! As for my weekdays, everything’s the usual except that afternoon I had an audio/video call from Ririn after she watched the Naruto stage play in Singapore. ww

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