Japan 2017 (Day 3): Ueno Park and Zoo + Food Hopping at Ikebukuro

Ueno Zoo

We wanted to dedicate this day for Ikebukuro only, but since we have more free time in the morning (or so we thought), we added a destination to our itinerary. We rode the Tokyo Metro and headed to Ueno Park and Ueno Zoo! Afterward, we ate… a lot. We visited many attractions in Ikebukuro, which involved food, and we didn’t regret it. In fact, we were so full that we didn’t need dinner lol.

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How to Join and Reserve a Slot for Anime Plaza (Produced by Adores) Collaboration Cafe

Adores Anime Plaza Registration

Anime Plaza is known for collaborating with famous anime titles, like the ones I’ve been to (Yu Yu Hakusho and Yuri!!! on ICE) earlier this year, but the catch is their cafe reservations are strict for members only. While you think you don’t have a chance, it’s actually easy even if you’re from overseas — all you need is to register, join a lottery, and wait for an e-mail for your reservation. No payment needed yet!

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