For Sale! SK at Kawaii PH Flea Market

Kawaii PH Flea Market

It was our group’s first time to be part of a Kawaii PH-related event (other than being performers). We often attend their events, but being part of what they work hard for is something else. 


Apart from raiding our closets, we had to look for racks, hangers, decorations, and biodegradable plastics. While I was in the supermarket, I also got distracted with a rack full of Chupa Chups, so I bought a pack for ourselves and another pack for our first 15 buyers.

kph flea market (1)kph flea market (2)

The Actual Event

I don’t know why it was super traffic (What’s new, right?) on a Saturday morning. I ended up riding the train, so I won’t be late. READ: I was still late.

We were the last ones to set up and we’re thankful that Satsunyan was there to help put up the racks. We were in a state of panic because we don’t have enough hangers and we haven’t placed the stickers for pricing. It was a hectic morning. OTL

life lately feb 2017 (9)life lately feb 2017 (10)life lately feb 2017 (11)kph flea market (3)

Half of the racks were still not filled because two of our members will arrive around lunch time. I’m glad I made our first sale, though. We were in the middle of preparing the price tags, so I just gave a price on a whim.

kph flea market (9)

And look how cute this little potato is. We were finally able to meet Kat‘s baby, who fits right in my luggage. www

kph flea market (11)kph flea market (15)kph flea market (16)kph flea market (17)

Here’s an otsukakumei photo with the four of us! Kams went home in the early afternoon for work and Kang left early to attend to her 90s boyband. ww

kph flea market (14)

Loots, Freebies, Souvenirs

A few minutes before the event wraps up, we roamed around to see what we can buy. In the end, I bought a sweatshirt from Kat. Haha. I didn’t have to go far. Surprisingly, I found out that we have the same taste in fashion!

I got a free cap from Chai, in which they’ve been betting who will buy it and yet she gave it to me without charge. Lucky! Satsunyan also gave us some crackers, sweets, and of course, I got also tea from Japan! Can’t wait to try them all. ♡

kph flea market (4)kph flea market (5)

Lastly, I claimed my Zen (from Mystic Messenger) acrylic charm from Rin. Go buy from her! She makes great art.

All in all, the event was great if it weren’t for the rain. There were a few customers in the afternoon that I ended up giving away and selling my things for an extremely low price. To be honest, we just want people to take them away, so we wouldn’t have to take them home. Haha. Thanks, Kawaii PH for the opportunity!

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