Love Live! Gashapon Now Available at Toy Kingdom

love live! gashapon

Is anybody here a fan of Love Live! School Idol Project? It’s a famous anime in Japan (and around the world) right now, and their gashapon is available at Toy Kingdom branches!

Gashapon (ガシャポン) is a capsule toy under the brand trademark of Bandai. It’s a Japanese onomatopoeia, which is made up of two words: “gasha” or “gacha” and “pon.” Gasha means turning the crank of a toy vending machine, while pon is the sound that the capsule makes when it drops into the hole where you can claim it. 

Gashapon in the PH

In the Philippines, these coin-operated machines are usually available at toy stores like Toy Kingdom. The tokens are worth 60php. I had a funny conversation with the staff of Toy Kingdom SM Makati because I told them that I wanted to “buy two tokens for the gashapon.” Later did I found out that they call it “Token Token.” (It’s written on the receipt!)

Love Live! School Idol Project is about a group of girls who want to save their school from closing. They decided to create a school idol group that’ll help promote and invite more students to enroll. The highlight of this anime is their struggle to win Love Live!, a competition that brings all school idols from different regions together.

I got Kousaka Honoka, the leader of μ’s (pronounced as “muse”).

According to Otakultura and my friends, these gashapon are best sellers. Most of them are out of stock, while others are almost empty. It has only been a week, so go find a Toy Kingdom near you before it’s too late!

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