Summer in Hong Kong 2013 (Part 1)

Kowloon Park Nathan Road

Great news! I became a regular at my job recently, so I was allowed to file a 3-day vacation leave. Yay. The best way to celebrate it? Go overseas. My friend, Sachi, and I decided to visit Hong Kong (again) since we had a great time last year. We also received the news that Japanese female idol groups are going to hold a concert at KITEC.

May 15, 2013

After work, I had some sleep before going to SM North EDSA. Sachi and I watched Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge before our flight. Actually, I was the one who suggested this movie to Pioneer Films (Movie Punch)’s Facebook page when they were asking if anybody’s interested in watching Saint Seya on the big screen.

This anime was part of our childhood, but we were more excited to watch because of Pyro’s seiyuu — Kawashima Umika, a Japanese actress and a member of performance girls’ unit (9nine). I still can’t believe that we’ll see her in Hong Kong in a few days. v( ̄∇ ̄)ニヤッ

Sachi borrowed my dad’s Johnny Walker luggage, so we had to go back to her house and pack her things. Afterward, we went to Trinoma at 3 A.M. for the shuttle bus to Clark Airport in Pampanga.

May 16, 2013

Hong Kong Airport Bus (1)Hong Kong Airport Bus (2)Hong Kong Airport Bus (3)

Touchdown! After an hour or so, we arrived at Hong Kong. We rode the A21 bus to our hostel, MicroHotel in Yau Ma Tei. The room is small, but everything looks great. We felt safe with their security system, too.

MicroHotel (1)

Roaming Around Nathan Road

It was a little early, so we decided to roam around Nathan Road after checking in. We walked and walked to wherever our feet took us until we arrived at Kowloon Park.

Kowloon Park Nathan Road (1)Kowloon Park Nathan Road (2)Kowloon Park Nathan Road (3)Kowloon Park Nathan Road (4)Kowloon Park Nathan Road (5)Kowloon Park Nathan Road (7)

Kowloon Park Nathan Road (9)

It rained around 2 P.M. and we didn’t have an umbrella, so we had a little shower until we got back to our hostel. Good thing, there’s a hot bath!

Kokousei Restaurant Kokousei Restaurant Kokousei Restaurant Kokousei Restaurant

Hong Kong can’t stop trolling us, eh? I opened the TV to see if there’s anything interesting to watch. It turns out, Koukousei Restaurant was on air. Again, I can’t believe we’ll see Kawashima Umika and her group in a few hours.

Post too lengthy! Go to Part 2 for the continuation.

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